Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video: Mike Rubendall Profile for Tattoo Age

Mike Rubendall is different than all the artists  featured so far on Tattoo Age, and what makes him so different is that he primarily works in the suburbs. One wouldn't think of Massapequa, New York as a hotbed of tattooing, but it probably has more quality tattoos per capita than any other city in the world. In part 1, we hear from Mike’s co-workers Grez, Justin Weatherholtz, and Matt Breckerich about what it's like working with Mike at his shop, Kings Ave Tattoo, and what makes their clientele so different
In part 2 we hear how Mike began his career in the world of tattooing with the help of his mentor, Frank Romano. Also featured in this episode is some rare archival footage of Mike getting tattooed by one of his major influences, Filip Leu.
In  the third and final part of Mike’s profile we get some insight into how the artist juggles two shops, three children, and his own tattoo schedule to make it all work.

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