Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursdays: Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “1000 Komradz” (2Pac vs. Vanessa Carlton)

Happy Thursday y’all! It’s been over a year since I did something for our Throwback Thursdays so I figured why not share some exclusive content with a new retro themed remix/mashup. Featuring the late, great, 2Pac Shakur’s “Komradz” and Vanessa Carlton’s mega hit from 2002 “A Thousand Miles” I give you “1000 Komradz.”  As always you can give it a spin, download, and share with others from the player below…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - 1000 Komradz (2Pac vs. Vanessa Carlton)
2Pac - "Komradz" vs. Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
98.13 BPM Key G#m
Design By Jediak

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Listen: FKA Twigs - "Pendulum"

The new FKA Twigs LP is pure fire; she officially follows up our first taste of LP1 today with “Pendulum.” Taking to Twitter a message that read  “one of my favourite songs on my record,” accompanied by a youtube link for the tune below. I’m going to have to agree, the tune is definitely one of the best on a record that’s filled with quality songs, my current favorite being  Lights On.” LP1 officially drops on August 12th and the experimental production and unique vocal delivery is just weird enough to please both musical oddballs and those who prefer the safety of the radio.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Download/Listen: Eyedress - "Egyptian Night Club EP"

“Felt bad about canceling my tour so I dropped a free EP,” explained Eyedress on Twitter, following up with a Soundcloud link to six tracks further exploring the ghostly sounds found on the Filipino producer’s recent Hearing Colors tape. 

Video: Son Lux - "Lanterns Lit"

Son Lux shared a new cinematic video, today, for his Lanterns LP track “Lanterns Lit.” Directed and produced by SJ Finlay the music video was made while shooting a short film to help children at risk in South East Asia. To keep updated about the release of that film and the project, search for #ChildrenofChange.”

Friday, July 25, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Lebanese Blunts” (Danny Brown vs. Beirut)

More exclusive mashup/remix’s today and this time it’s a hipster special featuring Onomatopoeia favorite Danny Brown vs. the Balkan folk sounds of Beirut. It be great to share this one for 4/20 but that’s almost a full year away so instead let’s call this fashionably late like most stoners usually are.  Stream, download and share from below…

Lebanese Blunts (Danny Brown vs. Beirut)
Danny Brown –“Blunt After Blunt" vs. Beirut -"Riptide"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
146.76 BPM Key G#m 
Design: Jediak

Happy Friday With Guy Trefler

Happy Friday y'all.

"NOT MINE" by Guy Trefler… creating the new out of the used.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Listen: Slow Magic - "Hold Still"

Following his signing to Downtown Records, Slow Magic, has announced a new album titled How To Run Away set to drop on September 9th. The album features the previously shared “Girls,” as well as a new cut called “Hold Still” that you can enjoy now below...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Listen: Hooray For Earth - "Racy"

Hooray For Earth’s new album, Racy, is set to drop in two weeks; So far we have shared an audio stream and video for “Keys”  but today we can share an early listen of the title track, a spacey number that favors a more traditional approach then their more recent material.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Video: Alt-J – “Hunger Of The Pine”

Alt-J are releasing their forthcoming sophomore album This Is All Yours this fall, and so far we’ve heard shared two selections from the record. The first was “Hunger Of The Pine,” which now has a graphic Nabil-directed video to accompany it. 

Video: Looking 4 Galt

The name Galt MacDermot may not ring a bell but you are undoubtedly familiar with his work.

Hair is the most popular Musical of all time, It has been translated in every language and staged all over the world, generating pyramids of money, still nothing? Ok, how about Busta Rhymes‘ “Woo hah!!” or what about “Down With The King” by Run-DMC? Even MF DOOM‘s Special Herbs tracks “Pennyroyal,” “Cinqfoil” and “Hyssop?” All these tunes sample from the legendary, reclusive Canadian composer who lives an intensely private life somewhere in New York. He has never given any interview and seems to ignore the cult following going on around him.

With the help of Pete RockPrince PaulBuckwildDa BeatminerzStatik SelectahDJ Whoo KidBill Adler, and more,  Gasface were able to put together a humorous yet appreciative look at the man really behind some of hip-hop’s classics in this 2012 documentary that most people probably missed the first time ‘round. 

Listen: Odesza - "Memories That You Call"

Seattle electronic duo Odesza have been keeping busy and gaining buzz over the last 12 months with their strong remixes as they prepare to drop the follow up to their criminally unnoticed 2012 LP, Summers Gone.  Ninja Tune imprint, Counter Records, will be releasing In Return on September 7th and in celebration a new track titled “Memories That You Call” has been made available to stream. The tune highlights Odesza’s strengths with its first-class percussion and synths paving the way for guest collaborator Monsoonsiren to add some extra flair.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Video: The Afghan Whigs – "Matamoros"

You can now watch The Afghan Whigs’ latest video for “Matamoros,” the second single from the band’s new album and first in sixteen years, Do to the Beast. The clip, directed by Phil Harder, was filmed on location in New York City's subway system.

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - Keepin’ Busy EP

Originally I had planned on sharing more exclusives with y’all on the 4th of July weekend but my computer’s graphic card burned out days before leaving me high and dry until it could be replaced. It’s probably for the best as now I have something to share this Monday morning to combat that post World Cup lull many of us will be feeling.

Keepin’ Busy is just that, three more mashup/remix’s I passed my time working on that don't necessarily share anything thematically other than the come from me and are free to listen to and share.  Featuring 2Pac, M.I.A., Eminem, Nate Dogg, BoardsOf Canada, Howie B and Glass Candy these three new tracks also mark the move into a new pro account on Sound Cloud. What does that mean exactly?   It means I’ve given away over two hours of free exclusives to you, our readers until now, and have the intent to keep on doing so and on my own dime no less! 

Seeds Of Change (2Pac vs. Boards Of Canada)
2Pac - "Changes" vs. Boards Of Canada - "New Seeds""
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
111.43 BPM Key Gm 

Glass M&M’s (Eminem. vs. Glass Candy)
Eminem - "Shake That" vs. Glass Candy - "Beautiful Object"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
143.31 BPM Key C#m

Bad Angels (M.I.A. vs. Howie B)
M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" vs. Howie B - "Angels Go Bald Too"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
143.31 BPM Key C#m

Art By Jediak

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Video: Woodkid – “The Golden Age”

Woodkid has completed his striking short film/long music video for his 2013 album of the same name, “The Golden Age.” This is the fourth song from the album to receive a video treatment from the man himself and as he has proven time and time again he has a great flair for the both the cinematic and dramatic.

The version of “The Golden Age” used in the video is a special extended edition, a collaboration with composer Max Richter. Check out the moving video and credits below…

“The Golden Age”
Video Directed by Yoann Lemoine
Cinematography By Kasper Tuxen
Video Commissioner Pierre Le Ny
Produced By Iconoclast
Producer Roman Pichon Herrera
Line Producer Annabel Rosier
Visual Effects Yoann Lemoine
Flame Artist Hervé Thouement, Hugo Aymerich

Video: Hooray For Earth - "Keys"

Back in April I shared the latest sounds from New York’s Hooray For Earth who’s new album, Racy, is scheduled to drop on July 29th. Today we got some visuals to share for those sounds as lead single “Keys” gets the video treatment.  Directed by Beau Burrows & Tucker BlissKeys" reintroduces some of the Sci-Fi themes started on the True Loves LP. Watch as the astronauts face changes from one band member to another in what is a subtle approach but one that is actually quite cleverly executed in my opinion. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Video: White Lung – “In Your Home”

There aren't enough heavy bands with a strong female base that are getting press for the most part but Vancouver’s White Lung is one of my favorites and they return to the internet today with a new video from their absolutely killer album, Deep Fantasy. “In Your Home” sees the band having some fun in various costumes and animated scenarios, directed by Justin Gradin & Ben Jacques.   

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video: Jungle - "Time"

One week before the release of their self-titled debut album via XL RecordingsJungle have shared the clip for their latest single, “Time.” Directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch alongside band member ‘J’, the guys stick to the inspiration they have been using thus far, dancing and you guessed it, more dancing. 

Don't forget to grab more music from Jungle via our playlist series.

Listen: Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979"

The reunited Death From Above 1979 have shared "Trainwreck 1979" from their forthcoming LP, The Physical World, which is scheduled to drop on September 9th. The band picks up right where they left off in 2004 with their simple yet effective punkrock-tinged dancefloor stompers sure to please new and old fans alike. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Listen: The Acid - "Liminal" (Full LP Stream)

The Acid are streaming their impressive and lengthy debut album, Liminal, in full via Soundcloud. The mysterious 3-piece continues where they left off on with their 2014 EP; moody songs that could live in Radiohead’s universe that have a quite beauty to them. Maybe with this release we will learn a bit more about the band whose known members and resumes include RY XAdam Freeland and Steve Nalepa or maybe the music will continue to speak for itself. 

Listen: Alt-J – “Left Hand Free”

After sharing “Hunger of The Pine” a couple weeks back Alt-J have shared a second tune from their forthcoming sophomore LP, This Is All Yours, due out on September 22. “Left Hand Free” is quite a bit different from the band’s established sound, dare I say there is a country/blues vibe happening here and less pockets of space in the song’s composition then we are used to hearing from the English band.  What say’s you?  Is it progression or is the change due to the departure of founding member Gwil Sainsbury?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Video: WIFE - "Heart Is A Far Light"

I shared WIFE’s “Heart Is A Far Light” from his recently released What’s Between LP back in April as an audio stream so it’s only right that I share the new video that premiered today as well.  The clip is full of creationist references that further add to the intimate ambiance of the song along side some artistic body shots and close up's of Kelly. Produced & Directed by Fiona Garden & WIFE. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - ☦he Rubiks Crude EP

Its day three of our holiday bonanza week of exclusives leading up to Uncle Sam’s birthday and Wednesday is going to be the most focused of the lot. Clocking in at twenty minuteshe Rubiks Crude EP is a five song remix project dedicated to New York’s godfather of abstract Hip Hop, Mr. EL-P.

As a life-long super fan of Jamie’s work I know a lot of you find his one-two punch of off-kilter beat making and dense lyrical themes to be too hard to digest.  This EP is dedicated to all of YOU folks out there in the hopes you might get something new out of the work in this altered context that leads to a further exploration of more music that is both different and a challenge to the status quo; Or maybe you will hear something that will just make you shake your ass and bob your head, whatever works!  

Featuring music from Rihanna, Caribou, The Scissor Sisters, Josh Osho and Tommy Sparks.

EL - Rude Boy
EL-P - "EMG" vs. Rihanna - "Rude Boy"
Recorded June - July 2014 in LIC, NY
90.01 BPM Key D#m

The Overly Dramatic Caribou
EL-P - "The Overly Dramatic Truth" vs. Caribou - "Leave House"
Recorded June - July 2014 in LIC, NY
135.02 BPM Key Am

She's My Smithereen
EL-P - "Smithereens (Stop Cryin)" vs. Scissor Sisters - "She's My Man"
Recorded June - July 2014 in LIC, NY
82.99 BPM Key Bm

Draconian Love Days
EL-P - "Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)" Feat. Cage vs. Josh Osho -"Redemption Days"
Recorded June - July 2014 in LIC, NY
85.15 BPM Key G#m

Dramatic Sparks (BONUS TRACK)
EL-P – "The Overly Dramatic Truth" vs. Tommy Sparks – "Miracle"
Recorded June - July 2014 in LIC, NY
135.03 BPM Key Am 

Cover Art by Jediak.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Listen: The Story of Q-TIP

90’s hip hop heads should love this interview with BBC’s BenjiB who hosts the story of hip-hop legend Q-Tip - founding member of A TribeCalled Quest. Hear from Q-Tip at length as well as Pharrell, Nas, The Pharcyde and more.

A Tribe Called Quest helped create a new wave of hip-hop in the 90's with their innovative sound, style and message. Q-Tip's production in particular has helped shape hip-hop right through to today, with artists likeKanye and Pharrell citing him as one of their biggest influences. Benji speaks at length with Tip about his musical upbringing in Queens in the 70's, releasing a debut LP as a teenager, his reluctance to fame and the part he played in introducing the late J Dilla to the world.

There is also an exclusive Tribe announcement and Tip gives more details about his forthcoming LP - The Last Zulu, which he describes as 'The Evil twin to Tribe'.

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - Can't Stop The Brave (The Bravery Vs. Major Lazer)

Day two of our holiday bonanza week of exclusives leading up to America’s birthday and with it a new remix/mashup  by the name of “Can't Stop the Brave.” This one pairs up The Bravery with Major Lazer for a super chilled out summer beach vibe, so really the timing couldn't be any better!  As always you can stream, download and share the tune from below and if you like what you hear look for more drops throughout the week.

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Can’t Stop The Brave
The Bravery- "Believe" vs. Major Lazer - "Can’t Stop Now"
Recorded May June 2014 in LIC, NY
83.00 BPM Key A#m
Design by Jediak