Friday, November 11, 2011

Video: Florence + The Machine's Ceremonious Séances

The Creators Project shared a short documentary of sorts of Florence + The Machine recording her recently released sophomore LP Ceremonials at Abbey Road .
For Ceremonials she turned down offers to work with well-known American pop producers, choosing instead to collaborate with long-time friend, producer Paul Epworth. The two set out to create a better version of Lungs—laden with a darker, heavier and more dynamic sound and feel that was inspired by the dueling power and vulnerability of tortured heroines like Virginia Woolf and Joan of Arc.

As the clip begins we see that Welch and Epworth are already deep in the recording process. They tend to record everything organically so as to not interfere with Welch’s artistic process, then use synths and other effects to “turn everything on its head.” They’ve used everything from recordings of crows, ‘80s 8-bit synths, delay pedals, and even a “seance style” recording session where Welch laid on the floor muttering and speaking in tongues.

Welch also takes us to the place where Florence + The Machine was first born: the small, bright, crowded South London studio where she and childhood friend, co-writer and keyboardist Isabella Summers used to record their music.

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