Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video: Go West, David Ellis & Kris Kuksi (Curated by Joshua Liner)

While we weren’t able to attend the opening of Go West, the MarkMoore Gallery show as curated by Joshua Liner taking place on the left coast right now, we did manage to get this video featuring the two artists who are being highlighted. Both David Ellis and Kris Kuksi have been featured on the site before and it’s a real treat to hear from them first hand in regards to their process and the experience. The show makes for Ellis' third solo exhibition in Los Angeles, while shock; it’s only Kuksi's first local solo presentation of new work in the land known for movies and models.  If you are in the Los Angles area be sure to check out the stellar works up for viewing until its closing date of August 25th.

Video: Feistodon – “A Commotion”

Mastodon and Feist have released an interactive video for their Record Store day split single. The “Feistodon” clip was directed by Vice Cooler, and utilizes an HTML5 video app, enabling users to crossfade between Feist and Mastodon’s versions of “A Commotion”. The video see’s Feist enthusiastically destroying anything she can get her hands on and can be viewed below or  HERE.

Download/Listen: Heems & Mike Finito “Nehru Jackets” Instrumentals

Just seems to be one of those days, as soon as I post something not a moment later I come across additional relevant information that I could have paired all together. So following the rule here is some more Das Racist related material for you to stick your teeth into.   Heems released his Nehru Jackets mixtape a few months ago, and now you can download the instrumentals for free. Mike Finito produced these treasures, which in their original form featured guest appearances from Childish Gambino, Danny Brown, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and more; stripped of Heems' vocals, they still maintain their appeal and might even lead you to going back and listening to the fantastic originals. With plenty of dirty drums, twisted synths, and warped s vocals anyone into what’s going on in hip hop production today and now should be more than happy downloading this, “You Have To Ride The Wave” is still destroying my speakers months later.

Video: TNGHT - "Bugg'n"

Speaking of the devil here is the new video for “Bugg’n” off of the recently released and very excelent TNGHT ep from Hudson Mohawke and Lunice. You might be familiar with some of the imagery as we have seen bits and bobs of it in the full album stream we posted a couple weeks back, love that baby coo ….

Video/Listen: Lunice Boiler Room MIX

Hot off the release of TNGHT, Lunice recently stopped by the Boiler Room for a 45 minute mix filled with bass heavy twisted hip hop and electronic music, lucky for us the whole thing is being shared for those that couldn’t make it there in person. Check out the video footage below or just hit play on the Soundcloud player for straight up audio.

Video: The Story Behind Doom’s Mask

The folks at Frank151 have put together a video that tells the story behind (MF) DOOM’s signature mask. In the video Brooklyn-bred, multi-talented artist Blake Lethem, who is actually the guy who designed and fashioned the famous headpiece talks about the process and reasoning behind the iconic show piece. Additionally, you learn about the first mask DOOM ever wore as well as the progression of the costume and several other tidbits from the villain’s life/career.

Video: Kool A.D. – “Al Green”

Kool A.D. and the rest of the Das Racist boys are seemingly the busiest folks in the rap game today. I feel like I’ve been posting a new video or song from the crew every couple weeks or so without fail. Kool drops some uncharacteristically professional grade visuals to “Al Green”, which appeared on the 51 mixtape. The video see’s Kool rapping alongside a tip-toeing ballet dancer who keeps a (mostly) straight face throughout the silliness.

Listen: David Byrne & St. Vincent – “Weekend In The Dust”

As reported back in June David Byrne and St. Vincent will be releasing a full collaborative album which the pair has been working on since 2009. The two artists were originally approached by Housing Works with the aim of performing a concert for charity, but it was eventually decided after a bond was formed between them that a full LP would be even better. Love This Giant, is the result and it will be released by 4AD on September 11th .  “Weekend In The Dust” is our second taste of the record, and while it’s not as compelling as “Who” it does show us that Annie and David are trying a variety of things as we get something bouncy, funky, and a little retro with this one.

Video: Liars – “Brats”

L.A. art-punk trio The Liars recently released their latest full-length via Mute entitled WIXIW. We have already shared the fantastic video for “No. 1 Against The Rush,” one of my personal favorite tunes of 2012 and today we can share the next round of visuals from the LP in the form of “Brats.” The video includes twisted computer-generated renderings, as produced by Ian Cheng, of a re-imagined hunter and rascally rabbit at odds, characters and scenarios that should ring a bell to most, watch for the band appearance towards the end.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Listen: Animal Collective - "Today's Supernatural"

Brooklyn’s premiere psychedelic pop act, AnimalCollective, will make their return with Centipede Hz, out September 4th on Domino. “Today’s Supernatural” is the first single. The tune premiered on Animal Collective Radio, which is going down every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. Check out the new track below and pre-order the album here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Download: Flying Lotus – “Lovers Melt 3 Mix”

FlyingLotus‘annual Lovers Melt mix series returns today with vol. 3. The mix features some tracks we already know and love and some we are only hearing for the first time. Basically there is something for everyone to get a little excited over so hit DOWNLOAD to start your  Friday listening now. 

Listen: A$AP Mob Ft. Flatbush Zombies “Bath Salt”

Friday starts us off with the first single off of the forthcoming A$AP Mob compilation due at the end of the month. “Bath Salt” features A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ant, and Flatbush Zombies. The tune finds a nice home within the A$AP vibe that we have come to know over the last year and a half, gritty, dark rhymes over dreamy production by P On The Boards.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Listen/Download: Crystal Castles - "Plague"

Another nice surprise this week comes from Crystal Castles who just dropped a brand new tune entitled "Plague." The tune will presumably appear on their upcoming album that is as yet to be titled. The duo’s last effort was one of my favorite albums in 2010 and still gets a lot of play from me, for whatever reason most people I know didn’t really like it and thought the first was better, to those people I still say your'e fucking crazy. Stream and download the tune below….

Video: The xx on Conan - "Angles"

The xx are pretty much going to be everywhere from here on out until the release of their sophomore LP Coexist on September 11th. We shared the first studio cut last week called “Angles” and now we can share a live version of the single from the bands appearance last night on "Conan."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video: Childish Gambino – “Firefly”

Childish Gambino returns to his commercial release Camp for his latest video “Fire Fly.” Donald himself only makes an indirect appearance in the video instead enlisting actors to portray the narrative which has got a 90’s action vibe to it ala Hackers.

Listen: Holy Miranda - Slow Burn Treason (Jamie xx remix)

After the ear pricking unveiling of The XX's "Angels" we've been itching for new material from the band, yet we are no less excited to hear Jamie XX' s solo work which this time comes in the form of a remix for Holy Miranda's "Slow Burn Treason".  Listen to this exciting remix, which sounds like a more electronic Bon Iver with a hypnotic head bopping swing:

Video: Baroness –“Take My Bones Away”

I’ve really been digging the new double LP from Baroness Yellow & Green, it’s probably the best straight up rock album I’ve heard since QOTSA’s Songs For the Deaf  and now the Georgia band have released their first video from the project. "Take My Bones Away"  Is one of the Yellow album’s stand out tunes, probably the heaviest on the entire record as well, the video captures the live experience of the band and comes complete with shots of sweaty instrumental solos and the band singing their pleas to a crowd of enthusiastic headbangers. 

"It was shot over the course of a month touring around North America," Allen Blickle of Baroness tells Rolling Stone. "Thanks to our good friend Jimmy Hubbard for touring with us and shooting this video. Hope you enjoy!"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Listen: TNGHT - “TNGHT EP” (Full EP Stream)

TNGHT–that’s Hudson Mohawke and Lunice–release their self-titled EP tomorrow in the U.S., they’re sharing a stream of the entire project right now on YouTube and you should pretty much stop whatever it is you are doing right now and devote your full attention to it.  We have shared “Higher Ground” just last week so you should be familiar with the sound but if you aren’t…Picture hip hop influenced electronic  bass music that is equal parts fun and serious without being the least bit pretentious delivered under some haaaarrdd hitting drums. This ep was played  all weekend and my place and now you should do the same all week.

TNGHT- TNGHT (WAP337LM, Warp Records x LuckyMe Records)
1. Top Floor
2. Goooo
3. Higher Ground
4. Bugg'n
5. Easy Easy

Video Shot, Editied & Directed: Dominic Flannigan & Peter Marsden.
Additional Shots: Christina Kernohan, Adam Saewitz.

Video: Bat For Lashes - "Laura"

Good start to the week for music fans and it just got better with a new video from Bat for Lashes.  “Laura” marks our first proper taste of the highly anticipated new LP from Natasha entitled, The Haunted Man which see's a release date of October 23 via Capitol Records.  it's worth noting that the cover art seen above was shot by famed photographer Ryan McGinley. More quality work from miss Khan all the way with this devastating, tear-stained swoon of a piano ballad soaked in seductively somber horns and strings.

Download: Flying Lotus - "Between Friends" featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

Oh wow.  A collaboration that wouldn't have crossed my mind, not because it crosses genres, but because it brings together two of the querkiest and most imaginative representatives of one.  LA producer Flying Lotus works his hip-hop magic on a beat that perfectly compliments Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt's rhymes.  In typical FlyLo manner, the vocal isn't left intact with a subtle downward pitchshift that makes Earl's voice sound more menacing than ever. We also get an appearance from Captain Murphy who is rumored to be Flying Lotus's emcee alias or  possibly even Tyler The Creator under a different name! Listen to and download the excellent "Between Friends" over at the Adult Swim 2012 singles program site. Thank You Adult Swim.

New Banksy Work

We knew it was only a matter of time until Banksy let lose some new work in conjunction with the London Olympics opening this week and that time has come. Check the two new pieces that work the athletics theme….

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Listen: Kool A.D. - "Exostiche Kunst"

Das Racists’ Kool A.D. unleashed a new track where he freestyles over Kanye West and Pusha T’s “New God Flow.“ “Exotische Kunst” see’s Kool doing his free-flow rhyming with pretty great results, got to say I prefer this to the original as the Das Racist boys always come correct with the humor.

Video: The Refused Live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Last night, the recently reformed Refused played "LateNight With Jimmy Fallon" after having to postpone their originally scheduled appearance some months back. The band performed  "New Noise" and "The Shape of Punk to Come" (as a web exclusive) from 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come. Enjoy both videos below….

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Listen: Menomena - "Heavy Is as Heavy Does"

Portland’s Menomena are releasing a new album, their fifth studio album overall,  with themes centering around family and aging entitled Moms, on September 18 via Barsuk.  The band has released some of my favorite records in the last decade but recently lost one of its founding members, Brent Knopf, who decided to concentrate on his other project, Ramona Falls. As a result I have been somewhat curious to hear new material and with luck that came today in the form of "Heavy Is as Heavy Does". I can’t say the band’s sound has changed that much but why don’t you judge for yourself below….

Listen/Video: Com Truise – “In Decay” (Full Album Stream) + Video

Electronic artist ComTruise decided to take leftover unreleased material and package it all together as his latest release, In Decay. the New Jersey producer unleashed some sci-fi inspired visuals to album cut “Yxes”, that’s sexy spelled backwards for those paying attention and the dyslexic community.   The visuals, which were poached from Beyond The Black Rainbow, definitely fit the vibe of the spacey tune which you can watch below alongside a full album stream.  In Decay was released yesterday July 17 via Ghostly

Video: Passion Pit - "I'll Be Alright"

Wow I can’t even keep up with everything that is making its way onto the web today. Passion Pit are up next with their latest video from their soon to be released LP Gossamer. For “I’ll be alright” the band offered up a contest alongside Genero.tv, and this was the winning result as submitted by Greg Barth.... 

Video: The Alchemist - "Flight Confirmation" (NSFW)

Big day for tunes it would seem and we got a double dip of Danny Brown for you via The Alchemist’s forthcoming Russian Roulette LP.  For those who haven’t already heard the record it’s full of standout collaborations between the producer and some of the hottest emcee’s on the scene. “Flight Confirmation” featuring Danny Brown and SchoolboyQ  is a prime example of one of those tunes and it gets a pretty awesome NSFW video to boot. Jason Goldwatch directs…

Video: Dirty Laundry - fan film (NSFW)

A fan-film entitled Dirty Laundry appeared on the web recently but unlike most fan films it was made by a well-known actor, Thomas Jane, who got a bunch of his friends together including Ron Pearlman & director Phil Joanou to make an homage to one of his favorite charcters. (Spoiler - a character he has actually played in a film).

The web is a buzz and already is discussing what this film is about and the ending, but for the sake of those who don't know... I'm not going to spoil anything. Thomas Jane is known in the comic community as being a true hardcore comic fan dipping his finger in writing and publishing comics as well as taking on comic book roles in films. Its nice to see his dedication and commitment to trying to revive would could still be a pretty interesting franchise.

Listen: TNGHT – “Higher Ground”

We got a track off of Lunice and Hudson Mohawke’s TNGHT project to share this morning which means you should be very excited. Check out “Higher Ground” off the self-titled EP due out next week and make sure to turn that shit up!

Go Buy This: Original Jim Phillips Art

Skateboard and Surf illustrator royalty Jim Phillips is offering up some original artwork from his catalogue to the public. Early Phillips work from the 1970’s until 1990 were rendered in pen and ink, pens dipped in bottles of india ink specifically, usually followed by white ink touch-ups. After 1990 the illustrations were generally done in preparation to coloring on a computer, they were usually inked with brush-pens, and other self inking pens, and were cleaned up on computer after scanning. Many of Phillips "new world" works were done on Bienfang artist's paper which is light and translucent, this enabled inking over the sketch page that leaves the original without pencil or blue line sketch lines on the paper. These artworks should be layered or dry mounted on white mat-board which will display quite well. You can see what’s up for grabs HERE including Deck Graphics from Jason Jesse, Screaming Hand Variations, iconic sticker imagery and more.

Download: The Avalanches - "Cool Gays by Cool Gaze Mix"

The Avalanches may be involved in yet another covert release. Website Pinchy & Friends dropped a new 45 minute long mysterious mixtape, Cool Gays by Cool Gaze, which closes with a track called "A track that may or may not be The Avalanches". Check it out HERE.  In reality, the closing “track” is actually a minute long snippet. The piece is a digitally twisted chunk of guitar funk, sprinkled with bits of old soul and six stringed jangle – classic Avalanches, in short. The tape itself is a sly affair, and well worth your time.

Listen: Danny Brown and AraabMuzik - "Molly Ringwald"

Detroit emcee DannyBrown has teamed up with Rhode Island beat maker AraabMuzik for a collaboration on a new tune called “Molly Ringwald” which will be released as a 7" single through Yours Truly's Love Letters Ink imprint this week. The track will also appear on the upcoming Fool's Gold compilation Loosies.  A copy of the 7" will be given away for free to the first ten fans who tag Yours Truly in a Facebook post linking to the track.  You can also watch the Yours Truly/Adidas Originals video (below) on the making of the track.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listen: Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem” (Das Racist Remix)

Das Racist dropped a really random remix of Lana Del Rey‘s “National Anthem”.  If we are being fare I wouldn’t really call this a remix as much as I would call it Das Racist sampling Lana Del Rey. The guys keep things quirky as ever….

Monday, July 16, 2012

Listen: The XX – “Angels”

The XX dropped a studio version of a song called "Angels," it is the first single from their highly anticipated sophmore album, Coexist which drops September 11th. The band had this to say on it…

“We've been playing this song live recently, so it feels good to share with you the version we've been working on for so long. We hope you like it. xx The xx”

Download/Listen/Video: Afghan Whigs – “Love Crimes” (Frank Ocean Cover)

The Afghan Whigs have been covering Frank Ocean’s “Lovecrimes” on the regular during their ongoing reunion tour (as can be seen below). Now, much to our delight, the band has decided to release a studio version of the cover, making it their second release of the year. There is no better band to cover this tune, the Whigs always come correct with their interpretations and make no secret of their love for R&B. Stream the tune now below courtesy of FADER, and grab the free download through the band’s website beginning at Noon EST today.

Go Buy These: "New Neck Face Prints"

Of course graffiti artist Neck Face opened his latest ghoul filled show on Friday the 13th of last week, the artist  always keeps it fun having previously had show openings on the very appropriate Halloween as well.  "Simply the Worst, Nasty Neck Face" was held at  New Image Art in West Hollywood and in conjunction with the opening  Poster Child Prints has  two limited edition prints available for purchase. Check out the details below and follow the links to purchase.
Not One Fuck Will Be Givin
16 x 20 Edition of 100
6-colorhand pulled silkscreen print on Coventry rag 100% cotton archival paper.

This 6 color hand-pulled silkscreen print , "Not One Fuck Will Be Givin" by artist Neck Face is embossed with the PCP seal, signed and numbered by the artist and exclusive to Poster Child Prints. Certificate of Authenticity included. This print was made to fit a standard frame size, so you won't have the expense of custom framing. *Shipping and tax calculated during checkout. Purchase HERE for $175.00

Bad Luck, No Luck” 
16 x 20 Edition of 100 
5 color hand pulled silkscreen print on Coventry rag, 100% cotton archival paper.

This 5 color hand-pulled silkscreen print, "Bad Luck, No Luck" by artist Neck Face is embossed with the PCP seal, signed and numbered by the artist and exclusive to Poster Child Prints. Certificate of Authenticity included. This print was made to fit a standard frame size, so you won't have the expense of custom framing. *Shipping and tax calculated during checkout. Purchase HERE for $175.00

Listen: Purity Ring - "Shrines" (Full Album Stream)

Our second full LP stream today is from a long leaked LP but one that’s been on heavy repeat by a lot of us for the last month plus. Canadian duo Purity Ring are coming out guns a blazing with their youthful electro pop sound that has pretty much crushed it in the first half of 2012. We’ve already shared singles “Belispeak,” “Fineshrine,” and “Obedear”and the rest of Shrines is just as good. For those just starting to pay attention now think The Knife without the creepiness and retro touches. Listen to Shrines HERE and purchase an official copy on July 24th via 4AD and Last Gang.

Listen: Passion Pit - "Gossamer" (Full Album Stream)

Today we are pointing you in the direction of full preview streams of two of this summer’s most high profile electro-pop albums and we begin with Passion Pit’s Gossamer. Acting as the follow-up to the bands successful 2009 début, Manners we got  our first taste of the new LP by way of “Take A Walk,” which brought us that familiar sugary sound. Conversely we heard a smoother R&B vibe from their most recent teaser, “Constant Conversations.” If you like what you heard in either of the two tracks then you will be more than happy with the album which follows the same upbeat summery vibe throughout. I heard the album 3, 4 times over the weekend and am stuck on “I’ll Be Alright” for its spitter spatter glitch beat, let us know what stands out to you? Click HERE to listen via NPR and if you like what you hear support the band by purchasing the album on July 24th.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Video: Skater Kilian Martin Speaks About His Craft

Presented by THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES and director Brett Novak, KilianMartin speaks about his craft in this short video.  Making waves in skateboarding unlike anyone else, we get a peek into the thought process of the Spaniard as Martin shares his story and history in the sport. Probably the most fascinating aspect is Kilian’s transition from gymnastics into skating, using the skills he developed on the matt and applying them to the concrete. It doesn’t end there though as footage shows us that he methodically plans out tricks, keeping a sketchbook on hand at all times so he can write out his ideas. Once again Novak’s elegant cinematography captures Kilian’s take on freestyle skateboarding with his artful and inspiring take on handstands, helipops, heel flips and more.

Go Buy This: Futura Hennessy

Following the very successful 2011 collaboration with Kaws, Hennessy is teaming with graffiti artist Futura to launch their second limited edition bottle as designed by the living legend. To create his limited edition bottle, Futura drew inspiration from Cognac’s warm color palette, incorporating abstractions of his signature atomic motif. Look for these bottles at your local Hennessy retailer shortly.

Megx – “Lego Bridge”

All images via Megx

Artist Megx (Martin Heuwold) has painted an old train overpass in Germany to resemble LEGO blocks. The installation is on a converted bridge in Wuppertal, which now functions as a pedestrian and bicycle path. The project took nearly four weeks to complete but the results are pretty spectacular.