Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TrustoCorp. - Tabloid Magazine Interventions

In the wild at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Union Sq, NY
It’s been a busy last couple of months for the urban collective known as TrustoCorp. Check out their latest project poking fun at tabloid magazines. Using magazine stands, bookstores and pharmacies throughout Manhattan, Williamsburg, JFK, Hollywood, LAX the collective droped copies of these interventions for the unsuspecting public. The Covers feature celebrities and public figures like Lindsey Lohan, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump on popular gossip magazines such as US, People and OK. What’s more is that each page of the tabloid have an embedded alphanumeric code that leads to a secret website for people that can figure it out.

Video: Cleon Peterson gets interviewed for Mediapart

Here is a video interview with Cleon Peterson where the artist discuses various facets of his work and personal life ranging from the ever present exploration of dualism as a subject matter in his paintings to living in NY, to growing up in a bed and breakfast  to meeting and working for Shepard Fairey to his struggles with drug addiction and crime. The 11 min. plus video has a real somber feel to it complete with ominous music and Cleon’s vulnerability shining through as he answers the wide range of questions.

Cleon Peterson: témoin du désordre by Mediapart

Video: The Rise - Interview with Shepard Fairey

In this new video Shepard talks about the influence graffiti, skateboarding and punk rock had on his life and the ways it shaped his art career. Key moments such as a school trip to NY and the melding of styles by brands such as Shut Skateboards allowed him to develop his techniques.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Video: AraabMuzik - "Streetz Tonight"

We got the new video from Rhode Island MPC wizard AraabMUZIK in the form of “Streetz Tonight” from his debut LP Electronic Dream. The video features Abraham Orellana walking into a hotel, sitting down at his pad and busting out a slightly different version of the song nonchalantly, all viewed from CCTV, enjoy…

Video: SBTRKT feat. Sampha – “Hold On” Live @ Reading Festival

Here is a nice little video of London producer SBTRKT along with Sampha performing the soulful electro “Hold On” at this year’s Reading festival in the U.K., enjoy.

Listen: Surfer Blood - "Miranda"

"Miranda" is our first taste from Tarot Classics, the forthcoming EP from Florida's  Surfer Blood, due October 25 on Kanine. Enjoy the tune below....

Surfer Blood: "Miranda"

Monday, August 29, 2011

Video: Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 4 - Hail Seitan

Everyone’s favorite man in corpse paint and apron is back, check out Vegan Black Metal Chef’s latest concoction that focuses on Seitan.

Listen: DJ Shadow feat. Tom Vek - "Warning Call"

Here is yet another leak from  DJ Shadow's forthcoming LP The Less You Know the Better, out September 27th  titled "Warning Call" featuring  Tom Vek. The track definitely goes in a different direction when compared to other work from the DJ/Producer, closer to the UNKLE sound if you ask me.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Matinee - Celebrating Sunday's with a live clip - Gold Chains

This Sunday I’m taking it back to Gold Chains's 2002 track “Rock The Parti” performed at a club called the Switchblade circa 2007? The San Francisco MC has been pretty quite in recent years but I still love and listen to all his releases regularly, enjoy the clip below...

BONUS: Studio Recording

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Listen: Suddenly Sunshine – “Summer Days” (Isan Remix)

Stuck inside with the threat of Hurricane Irene looming outside so keeping with the atmospheric chill electronic theme I’m gonna go back to 2010 with Suddenly Sunshine's "Summer Days" (Isan’s remix), enjoy and stay dry NY!

Listen: Jamie xx – "BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix"

Yesterday morning Jamie xx took to the Radio 1 Essential Mix decks for 2-hours of non-stop electronic music. There’s some great material here from James Blake, Aardvarck, Pangaea as well as Jamie’s own reworking of Radiohead’s ‘Bloom’ and Gil Scott Heron’s ‘I’ll Take Care of U’, stream and tracklist below…

Jamie xx Essential Mix by Young Turks

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1, 27th August 2011.


Orbital – Belfast
Phanes – Lucky Woman
Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Harvey Mandel – Christo Redentor
Koreless – Lost in Tokyo
Floating Points – Sais
Wiley – Colder (Instrumental)
Fantastic Mr. Fox – Untitled
Pärson Sound – Untitled
DJ Deeon – Fine Hoes
Luke Vibert – Analord
New Look – Janet
John Tejada – Unstable Condition
Univac – Untitled (Track 1)
Aardvarck – Nosestep (Original Mix)
Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People
Instra:mental – Pyramid
Grimm Limbo – Fortune Favours the Brave
R A G – Rage (Spaventi &Aroy Raw Mix)
Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face
Jamie xx – Far Nearer (Bootleg)
Axel Boman – Purple Drank
Loosse – About You (feat. Yolanda)
Anette Party – Moreno (feat. Anita Coke)
Gino Soccio – Dancer
Mr Beatnick – Synthetes
Funke, Sacha vs Nina Kraviz – Moses (Stimming Remix)
Jamie xx &Gil Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care of U (Special DJ Version)
Genius of Time – Houston We Have a Problem
Austin Eterno/The xx – I Remember Shelter
James Blake – Libra (Edit)
Pangaea – Bear Witness
Holly Miranda – Slow Burn Treason
Peter Horrevorts – Siren
Chuck Roberts – My House (Acappella)
Virgo Four – Do You Know Who You Are?
Morning Factory – Diane’s Love
Karen Pollack – You Can’t Touch Me (Roc &Kato Vocal Beat Trip Mix)
War – The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix)
Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
Radiohead – Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Video: Puscifer –Conditions Of My Parole Promo’s

Maynard James Keenan has released two new video teasers for Conditions of My Parole, the new album from his Puscifer project. And I have almost no idea what the what is going on in these clips called The Book Of Douche Bag, Volumes 1 & 2 but I do know that I found them weird and entertaining.

KAWS to be Guest Judge on Bravo's Work Of Art

Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is premiering its second season on Bravo October 12th.   If you didn’t catch the first season here is a quick rundown.  Work of Art is  a creative competition series that seeks to discover new talent and shed light on the artistic process the typically occurs behind closed doors. Assembled in New York City under the watchful eye of art world elites, 14 up-and-coming artists are ready to make their mark on the industry and battle it out for a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000.
Most viewers had a love hate relationship with the show including myself for the obvious reasons, creating art for reality tv sounds pretty horrible on paper but like most shows of this nature once in a while you got to see some cool ideas materialize and familiar faces from the industry guide and judge the contestants on their work. This brings me to why I’m even posting this news…
It has been confirmed Brian Donnelly aka KAWS will be a guest judge on one of the episodes. We will keep you posted on the details as the air date gets closer, in the mean time check out season 1 sure to be available on your cable providers OnDemand as season 2 draws closer.

December 20, 2011- Brian will be appearing on tomorrow's epsiode, the season finale.

David Resto - 'Super Hero Dinosaurs' Print Sets

These made me laugh...Here are some really random but fun prints of dinosaurs done up in super hero styles by artist David Resto. All the classics are here including Wolverine, Daredevil, Cyclops, The Hulk, Captain America and more! These are available in sets of 4 prints all 11 x 17 inch giclees on matte paper for $70 each set. Check it out HERE

Listen: SCV Podcasts Vol 86 - Gravity Records

Gravity Records is one of my all time favorite labels so it’s with great pleasure that they just released a SCV Podcast. Compiled by Matt Anderson, track order by Sonny Kay, mixed by Erik Otis

Gravity Records owner Matt Anderson is responsible for creating the machine that would launch out wave after wave of independent experimental, indie, punk, noise and hardcore music in the 1990′s and onward. Based out of San Diego, Gravity Records was one label that kept the energy and life of experimental deviations in rock music alive from the 90′s and on. We contacted Gravity Records owner Matt Anderson to explore his favorite releases over the years and this is the collection of material he sent us. With no track order in mind, we contacted Sonny Kay of one of the bands who is on this comp, Angel Hair, about what order he thought would be best for this podcast. The answer was simple, chronological order of the music as it was released. Gravity Records presented some of the most honest and raw music of the 90′s. A label full of emotional, passionately dedicated and intense bands all with their own unique sound. Enjoy this mix from Matt Anderson of Gravity Records and everyone at Sound Colour Vibration. A very special thanks goes out to Matt Anderson and Sonny Kay for their time. – Erik Otis

Track Listing:
  1. Heroin – In General
  2. Antioch Arrow – Space Age
  3. Clikatat Ikatowi – Affirmation
  4. U.O.A. – Painfully Obvious (live)
  5. Angel Hair – Land Ov Enchantment
  6. M.I.T.B. – Puppy Mill
  7. 3MP – On A Ship To Bangladesh
  8. D.C.0. – Observation Of The Perpetual
  9. Monorchid – Destroy This Converter
  10. Crom-Tech - Ex-Prestu Plod
  11. B.H.P. – Outside The Glass
  12. The Rapture – Olio
  13. Tristeza – Glimpse Exposure
  14. Spacehorse – Burn You Kerosene
  15. S.O.T. – Glass Sun
  16. Bastard Noise – Ryobi Party
  17. Crime Desire – Carrion
  18. Amenity – Screaming in the Mirror

Listen: Knxwledge - Flowrs EP

Philadelphia native Knwledge just released an new EP (his 4th or 5th in the last couple of months!) by the name of Flowers, The young beatmaker has a captivating sound that is a one part Miles Davis and the other Hip Hop breakbeats all wrapped into one nice package.

Happy Friday!: Pornchestra NSFW

Not even remotely safe for work but, watch this. It’s like a porn symphony, staring Tori Black.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Video: DJ Shadow feat. Afrika Boy - "I'm Excited"

Here is a real fun video for DJ Shadow’s “I’m Excited” from his forthcoming LP The Less You Know the Better, out September 27th. In the clip Afrikan Boy plays an African dictator—with Gaddafi-like female body guards—who is fed psychedelic food and drink before being sent off on an Altered States-like trip through space and time!

Listen: E-603 - SMOKESHOW Preview

SMOKESHOW is the upcoming third self-released album from indie hip hop and mash-up artist Ethan Ward aka E-603 (Ethan took his stage name from his hometown, Nashua, New Hampshire's area code).
The new LP, out September 6, will consist of 10 tracks packed full of all the hooks and chorus’s from your favorite jams from the past and present.  Enjoy a preview of two gems from the upcoming release including “Swag Me” and “Gotta Get” below…

Swag Me Out:
Swag Me Out by E-603

Gotta Get:
Gotta Get by E-603

Video: St. Vincent - “Cruel”

Strange Mercy is the new album by St. Vincent, and it comes out September 13 in the U.S. and a day earlier in the UK from 4AD. We posted a cut from the album, "Surgeon" in July and now there is a video for a second song titled "Cruel". The video is a lot of fun and features St. Vincent main woman Annie Clark playing a house wife who is being eliminated in various ways. The clip was directed by Terri Timely.

Video: Grime Profile for Tattoo Age Part 3

The third installment of Vice and New Era’s Tattoo Age series continues to highlight tattoo artist Grime. In a more personal context, this episode looks into Grime’s idea of publishing his books that features personal art and journal writings. Moreover, fellow artists like CIV, Chris O’Donnell, Henry Lewis and Yutaro Sakai also talk about his signature Japanese-inspired works, authentic fiery eyeball graphics and his influence to the tattoo world. Enjoy the video and be sure to check out the first two parts of this fantastic series.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Listen: James Blake & Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir

Two very popular people in indie music these days, James Blake & Bon Iver just dropped the much talked about 'Fall Creek Boys Choir' and BBC Radio 1 has premiered the track. Listen to it below...
According to a press release, "Over the past year James has cited Justin as a key influence and it was via a chance meeting at this years SXSW festival in Austin, Texas that the seed was sown for a future collaboration." The track was "formed in the spring over email." It features Justin Vernon on vocals and James Blake on production. It will be available on iTunes on August 29.

Video: Washed Out - "Far Away" Live For Yours Truly

Washed Out performed a great rendition of “Far Away” my top tune from their recently released LP Within and Without. The full band was captured on film while in San Francisco performing a set for blog Yours Truly. Presents: Washed Out "Far Away" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

David Yow art exhibition opening @ Fuse Gallery

Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow will showcase his new collection of work "GLASS GAS MASK at Fuse Gallery in NYC TONIGHT (8/24) with an opening reception at 7PM. The exhibition runs through September 21st. 
Working both digitally and by hand, artist and musician David Yow produces a body of work that has a a dark sense of humor. He utilizes design elements of line, texture, and shape in conjunction with found images and objects to enhance, alter and create graphically bold imagery with an edge. In his digital works, Yow delineates images to exaggerate an emotion to absurdity; and in the paintings, he integrates acrylic, collage, charcoal, pencil, spit, hair, crayon, wood, etc. to craft a deviant somewhat biomorphic creation, that is, or was, living .
While having an illustrious music career in the bands Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard, David Yow also has a long time passion for visual art. In his pre-punk college years, David completely submerged himself in painting and drawing
Despite being previously featured in other exhibitions in the NYC area, tonight is Yow's first solo venture in our fair city. Preview some more of his work at his website.

Captain Consequence, Digital Drawing and Photography, 11 x 14

Video: Breton - "The Commission"

Art pop architects Breton released a stunning new video to accompany their haunting new song ‘The Commission' It was directed by BretonLABS and Stuart Sinclair, a motion graphics artist who makes computer generated clips of space and satellites. Breton front man – artist, songwriter and filmmaker Roman Rappak, invited Sinclair to collaborate on the video. The actor in the clip is Patrick Lyons, a beat poet from Boston – and legend on the south London squat party scene. The pair met when Breton started out and regularly played the squat party circuit.
The Commission’ is taken from Breton’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Other People’s Problems’, due for release in February 2012 on Fat Cat Records. It’s the follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘Counter Balance’ EP, which was released in December last year on Hemlock, the label responsible for launching the career of James Blake.

Watch: Portal: No Escape - Short Film

This short film (I refuse to label something with this production quality a "fan video") directed by Totally Rad Show host Daniel Trachtenberg and featuring a masked cameo by co-host Alex Albrecht is simply breathtaking.  "Portal: No Escape" is based on the mechanics of the Portal games and was shot before the release of Portal 2, my favorite game of the year.  Highly recommended for fans of the games or any sci-fi aficionados.  Watch below (suggest HD, full volume and wide screen):


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids art show... Gallery1988

Wow, I just heard about this one. Gallery1988 in Melrose is throwing a Garbage Pail Kids tribute show on Sept. 2 including over 100 artists interpretations of their own nasty kiddies. Word is the show is co-sponsored by original GPK creators, Topps cards, and there is a possibility that works at the show may make their way into a new series of cards. The incredibly shitty 1987 "Garbage Pail Kids will be shown at the event.

I ate through a ton of nasty, rock-hard, bright pink "gum" trying to find the EVIL EDDIE card. and would distribute them to friends in the bathroom in 2nd grade as they were banned in my school. John Pound's art was amazing and his productivity even more so (close to 600 different cards).

Looks like there are a number of gigposter artists represented at this show (Rhys Cooper, Budai, Little Friends, Two Arms Inc, Delicious Design, etc..). Will keep on top of this one and will post info and images as they come up....

Listen: DJ Shadow - "Stay The Course"

On September 27th, DJ/Producer Josh Davis aka DJ Shadow makes his return with his upcoming fourth record The Less You Know, The Better, earlier today, Shadow premiered another new album cut when he guested on the Andy Rourke's Jetlag show on East Village Radio titled "Stay The Course" which featured Plug One aka Posdnuos of De La Soul and Talib Kweli, enjoy below...

Video: Florence and the Machine: "What the Water Gave Me"

This November, Florence and the Machine will release the follow-up to their popular debut LP, Lungs. The as-yet-untitled album is out November 7 in the UK via Island, and Universal Republic will release it sometime the same month in the U.S. Listen to the first track released from it "What the Water Gave Me" below…

Download: Party Supplies - Firecrackers

You may recall back in July we did a post on Queens native and MPC copy-and-paste wizard Party Supplies  signing  to Fool’s Gold.  Well it seems the label let loose a free 10 track album of introductory material including some of the mixes’ we shared in the form of Firecrackers. Be sure to grab the album while it's still easily availablle online.

Hanksy on Rivington Channels “Cast Away"

Hanksy is back with an all-new wheat paste creation, this one is even funnier. It portrays a crazy Hanks just as he’s about to toss Wilson. The piece was discovered on the always-targeted Mikco Building Material warehouse a few short blocks to the west at 12 Rivington.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Listen: Björk - “Moon”

Yet another new song has emerged on the internet from Bjork’s eagerly-awaited Biophilia, Check out "Moon" below…

Interview: Jason Lee's Already Been Done Interview

Already Been Done has a great interview with Jason Lee about his skateboarding career past and present and the transition to acting
ABD: So skateboarding seems to be the one constant for those of us that have followed your crazy career over the years. It seems to be something that regardless of your successes and fame, you’ve continually gone back to. What is it that keeps you coming back? What does skateboarding mean to you?
Jason Lee: “Skateboarding is more a part of my life than I had ever realized. I quit and didn’t have anything at all to do with skateboarding for nearly 10 years—then one day, how important it is it all came back and hit me. It’s defined so much of my life and my thinking. I wouldn’t be who I am without skateboarding and I feel privileged to have been a pro skateboarder.
read the full interview.

Video: The Glitch Mob - "We Can Make The World Stop"

Electronic DJ/Production trio, The Glitch Mob have released a video for “We Can make The World Stop” off of their EP of the same name, the video was directed by Dugan O’Neal.

Follow Up: Judge Squashes Photographer Janine Gordon's "Wasteful" Copyright Suit Against Ryan McGinley

photo by s.butterfly
You may recall back in July we reported that photographer/rapper  Janine (Jah Jah) Gordon had filed a lawsuit against fellow photographer and contemporary art star Ryan McGinley alleging that the artist stole her visual style and subject matter — infringements that Janine felt deserved monetary recompense to the tune of $30,000 per "copied" artwork targeting at least 150 of McGinley’s works.  Well we have an update for you, Southern District Court judge Richard Sullivan has thrown out the case adding a dismissive court statement, the judge concluded that "the dictates of good eyes and common sense lead inexorably to the conclusion that there is no substantial similarity between Plaintiff's works and the allegedly infringing compositions of McGinley." Judge Sullivan clearly branded Gordon's claims as overblown: "Such a conception of copyright law has no basis in statute, case law, or common sense," he writes. "One might have hoped that [plaintiff's] attorneys, presumably familiar with the basic tenets of copyright and intellectual property law, would have recognized the futility of this action before embarking on a long, costly, and ultimately wasteful course of litigation in a court of law."  

Video: The Weeknd - "The Birds Part 1"

Indie R&B act The Weeknd released their second mix tape, Thursday,  last week, I've enjoyed listening to it a handful of times so far and now we get a video for choice tune "The Birds Part 1" staring model Akiko Mims, enjoy the video below....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Listen: SebastiAn - "C.T.F.O" (Nero Remix)

SebastiAn is set to release the second single from his debut album “C.T.F.O.” which features M.I.A. in Europe on August 21st. The single features 2 exclusive remixes from DMX Krew as well as Nero. Take a listen below…

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]
SebastiAn feat. M.I.A.: C.T.F.O. (Nero Remix) - Stream (Thanks to La 3e heure for the stream.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!: Jordan Laws - "Movie Line Rhymes"

Inspired by lifelong obsessions with beats, rhymes and feature films, Jordan Laws delivers a mega-mix of classic movie lines to the back drop of an original beat. There are 48 movies used including...
Hangover 2, Empire Strikes Back, Fight Club, Scarface, Dazed & Confused, American Beauty, Superbad, The Godfather, Are We There Yet?, There Will Be Blood, Road to Perdition, Coming To America, Airplane, Borat, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, American Pie, Ghost, The Graduate, The Karate Kid, Hangover, Death To Smoochy, edding Crashers, Half Baked, Fatal Attraction, Jerry Maguire, Little Shop of Horror, Tron, A Christmas Story, he Last Starfighter, The Dark Knight, Anchorman, E.T., Along Came Polly, Wanye's World, Devils Advocate, 40 Year Old Virgin, Jaws, GoldFinger, Delirious, Full Metal Jacket, The Cooler, Ferris Bullers Day Off, Men In Tights, Men In Black, Blazing Saddles, Cable Guy, My Girl, Napolean Dynamite

'Movie Line Rhymes' by Jordan Laws from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video: Kilian Martin: A Skate Illustration

Kilian Martin and Brett Novak team up for an impressive skate short. I really love Killian's playful style obviously Rodney Mullen comes to mind.

Video: Bon Iver - "Holocene"

Here is the Bon Iver video for "Holocene" showcasing some beautiful scenery of Iceland, directed by Nabil Elderkin.
BON IVER "Holocene" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

TrustoCorp. - Phone Booth Interventions

Photo by SMKjr.
Satiric street pranksters TrustoCorp. Have been really active in their hometown of New York lately, check out these phone booth interventions featuring parodies of popular reality TV programs.
Photo by SMKjr.