Friday, March 29, 2013

Listen: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Under The Earth

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will release their new album, Mosquito, on April 16. So far we have shared a stream and quality video for lead single “Sacrilege” leaving most of us with much anticipation  to hear the band’s fourth studio album in the 13 years in full. As luck would have it the trio sat down with the New York Times for an in-depth feature  and also premiered another new track off their upcoming record entitled “Under the Earth.” Check out both the interview and the sultry new track HERE.

Video: Tyler, the Creator -"IFHY", “Jamba”

Here's the two-part video for "IFHY" (featuring Pharrell) and "Jamba" (featuring Hodgy Beats), from Tyler, theCreator's album Wolf, out next week on April 2. As has been the case the Tyler directed the clips under his Wolf Haley alias. The "IFHY" half keeps things creative, taking place inside of a dollhouse, with Tyler as a plastic doll. "Jamba" is a little more straightforward and see’s Tyler and Hodgy riding around the suburbs acting silly, check em' out below…

Video: Iron Sheik - Very Animated People

Everyone is familiar w/ the concept of supergroups in music.  Blind Faith, The Traveling Wilburys, Temple of the Dog, Monsters of Folk, Them Crooked Vultures... NKOTBSB?  A collection of leaders in their industry who usually team up to create mediocre results and eventually break up.  JASH is a new Youtube channel following in the line of Funny or Die & College Humor led by supergroup Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and Tim & Eric.  Its been being hyped for a while and it was interesting to see this, an animation, as their first real released video.

The short is an animated tale narrated by ol' WWF pro The Iron Sheik about being pulled over by the police while in a car filled w/ drugs with another former WWF'er, Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  I really dig the loose "Spumco"-ish animation style created by Australian animation house, Rubber House Studios.  This looks to be the first in a line of shorts entitled Very Animated People which looks promising if they keep the same format and style as this one.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Download: FUCT – “Uppers Downers and In Between” Mixtape

Erik Brunetti’s FUCT brand dropped a sweet free mixtape today by the name of “Uppers Downers and In Between.” The mix  features an hour plus of some top notch rad psych rock mixed by Zac Hendrix Download it HERE or stream it HERE.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video: Passion Pit - "Cry Like a Ghost" (Exclusive Extended Cut)

Passion Pit delivers a new set of visuals for “Cry Like a Ghost,” from their 2011 LP Gossamer. The video features a girl who, as the directors describe, is “dancing through her relationships” What you see below is an extended version featuring almost two minutes of additional intro footage, good stuff. Directed by DANIELS.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”

We already shared an audio stream of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs single “Sacrilege” off their forthcoming record Mosquito out April 16 via Interscope, and now we can happily share the accompanying cinematic video. British model/actress Lily Cole stars in yet another great Megaforce directed video.

Video: A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night”

A$AP Rocky  dropped a video for the Skrillex-produced, Birdy Nam Nam featured, “Wild for the Night” yesterday evening. The clip was shot in the Dominican Republic where Rocky and Skrillex experience local fair and in turn share with the Dominican’s what they do best.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Video: Toro Y Moi – “Never Matter”

Steve Daniels directs the new video for Toro Y Moi’s “Never Matter” where the visuals start off innocent and lighthearted enough only to get pretty creepy by the end of the song.,, check it below…

Listen: Lapalux – “Nostalchic” (Full LP Stream)

Lapalux‘s new full-length, Nostalchic drops tomorrow, we have given you a taste of what to expect from Brainfeeder’s U.K. representative via lead single “Without You” and now you can stream the whole thing for your listening pleasure. Nostalchic features collaborations with Kerry Leatham, Jenna Andrews and Astrid Williamson, check it HERE.

Video: MOCAtv Artists Talk with David Choe

"Decked out with a game room, a radio station, and a remote control tire swing, David Choe's Los Angeles warehouse studio is a testimony to the "bonus level" that he has reached in the art world. As a wildly popular and widely recognized international artist, Choe is also known for his reality TV show, the art he made while detained in a Japanese prison, and the mural hepainted for Facebook, valued at over $200 million in Facebook shares. Inside his studio, the painter, muralist, and graffiti writer talks frankly with Alia Shawkat(Arrested Development’s Maeby Fünke) about the new freedoms and challenges he's facing at this new stage in his practice. "

Produced and Directed by Lance Bangs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Video: Captain Murphy – “The Killing Joke”

Without question my favorite Hip Hop LP of 2012 was Captain Murphy’s Duality mixtape aka the first release from Flying Lotus' hip-hop alter ego. Today The Captain decided to grace us a stand-alone video for "The Killing Joke". The black-and-white video keeps things mysterious with the hooded character and creepy vibe which plays well with the song even though his identity has long since been revealed. Make sure to check out the feature length video of Duality if you missed it back in 2012.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video: Death Grips – "Lock Your Doors”

Death Grips have shared a new video from a 2012 LP favorite NO LOVE DEEP WEB with "Lock Your Doors." The band also offered a little bit of explanation of what the "No Hands" tagline means.  

Zach Hill writes:
"Lock Your Doors" was filmed during the band's set at Boiler Room's SXSW showcase. It was filmed using cameras that the band members wore over faces, possibly using Google Glass technology. Hence the "no hands."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Listen: Danny Brown - "Kush Coma"

Danny Brown stayed true to his word and dropped a new tune entitled  “Kush Coma.” Danny stated that he would put out the track if fans got #KushComa to trend.  Apparently fans took that to heart as is became a trending topic within 20 minutes.  The Skywalkr produced tune is an alternate version of what we will hear on his forthcoming LP, Old, scheduled to drop in August, as A$AP Rocky still has to record some versus for it. As is the tune sounds very complete and is heavy on the bass with some aggressive percussion and synths paving the way for Danny’s always unique delivery.

Listen: Woodkid – The Golden Age” Full LP Stream

We like to think of ourselves as early champions of Woodkid’s work having shared every video released since 2011’s  Iron ep and on leading up to Yoann Lemoine’s full length, The Golden Age, which is out today. Of course we have also shared many of Yoann’s video works for other recording artists as well and it’s always quality work with a great sense for the dramatic and cinematic. The Golden Age continues in that fine tradition with its sprawling orchestral compositions filled with grand horns, captivating strings and massive percussion. At the moment “I love You,” who’s video we recently shared, takes top place for me.  Stream the record below courtesy of Noisey.

Listen: Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young” & “Step”

Vampire Weekend returns to the spotlight this week with not one but two new tracks from their forthcoming LP entitled, Modern Vampires of the City. “Diane Young” kinda has an 80/90’ Billy Joel vibe with the driving piano and vocal style and it works well for them in my opinion . “Step” sounds a little more traditional to the established sound of the band. Check em out below and look for the album to drop on May 7th.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Listen: AraabMuzik – “Motion Picture”

Having only just released his For Professional Use Only mixtape and a new video for “The Prince Is Coming,” AraabMuzik keeps us on our toes with a new cut by the name of “Motion Picture.” No word on where this track will end up officially but for now you can stream it below…

54 Album Cover Parodies

Ahh LP art, is there anything more glorious and relatable when you are a music fan, from the t-shirts that reproduce those iconic covers and are worn by fans of all ages to the posters hanging in record stores and bedroom walls, LP art is often as iconic as the band and music it represents. Some of the more recognizable graphics have been paid tribute to or spoofed many times over, especially when talking about a band like the Beatles. Some are a little harder to recognize as their spotlight has faded into obscurity but you can bet the record collector usually knows what’s being referenced and today we pay tribute to a handful that have made us smile over the years from a multitude of genera’s and artists. More importantly perhaps is the reminder that while the mp3 maybe convenient, a full package and physical item has its own merits and that memorable cover art is sadly being lost as a result. 

Listen: Alela Diane - "The Way We Fall"

Alela Diane is currently rapping up her latest LP, entitled About Farewell, and decided to share one of the completed songs from it in the form of "The Way We Fall." The Portland songstress goes with a two-part composition, in its first section we hear her sing of  lost love in the manner of a short story while in the second half we get something more akin to an elegy but with a sort of hope at the end of the tunnel. Diane is accompanied by her guitar, flutes and also goes with a drum which seems to only make an appearance in about half her songs.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Show Opening: WK Interact – “WK 360 A 25 Year Survey” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery Pop-up NYC, March 8 2013

Show card

“In a fine art universe where the sum of pictures all comes down to a kind of nature morte, WK is about the life still unfolding rather than the still life. Considered in relation to his studio work, where violence, sexuality, fetish, terror and the devolutionary descent of dehumanization lurk in passages of brutal irony that edge towards sarcasm, the benevolence so evident in WK’s public art must be viewed as coming from a position where creativity constitutes a kind of critique. WK’s romance with the city is not the abiding comfort of an old lover but the frisson of new flirtation constructed of a constantly rejuvenating sense of discovery.” — Carlo McCormick

Show card inside
Last Friday New York‘s long time French representative, artist WK Interact, opened his latest show in conjunction with Jonathan Levine Gallery at a pop-up location on 557 West 23rd street. Simply titled WK 360 the show acts as a mid-career survey of WK's work, celebrating the last 25 years of the artist's dynamic career.  Included in the show are a series of works on cardboard, paper and panels, canvases, large multi-paneled collages, wheat pasted doors, skate boards, classic WK espionage gear and even pillows that are all rendered in WK's signature stark palette. Memorabilia and photographs are also on display and serve to document his early years and evolution as a street artist.

WK Installation outside the pop-up location

Often with artists who are associated with the street art movement gallery shows can lose something in the move to a clean and crisp gallery environment, I’m happy to say that while WK’s work is so successful because of the way it is presented on the streets and interacts with the urban environment, it is equally captivating and full of motion in this setting. This is in part because  the collection is quite impressive when housed in one large location and has been put together with much love and attention to detail.  As a long-time fan of WK’s work the show satisfied my senses beyond any expectations, and expectations were indeed high. 

NY fans wait in line, in the snow,  to be able to get a limited edition signed print.

Always the first-class person that he is WK gifted the first 100 attendees with one of three limited and signed edition screen prints and was more than happy to discuss his work with anyone who approached him or asked to take a photo.

Make sure to make it over to get a look at the work first-hand if you are in NY anytime from now till March 30th when the show closes. WK himself is often at the location snapping photos of  people enjoying the show just as enthusiastically as those shooting his work, who knows maybe you might get lucky and be immortalized in one of the artist’s wheat pastes in the future!

Listen: oOoOO - “FoRLorN DuB”

Bay Area producer oOoOO returned today with a new single, “FoRLorN DuB”. The minimalist track was accompanied by an equally minimalist and murky video that enhances the spooky vibe that o0o00 is so well known for. No word on if this signifies a new LP is on the way or not but mystery has always worked well for Mr. Dexter

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Video: AraabMuzik – “The Prince Is Coming”

"In the age of legends, the story of man was written in rhythm."

AraabMuzik's  released a video for "The Prince Is Coming", off his new mixtape For Professional Use Only. In the Trilla directed clip an ancient civilization worships the MPC and generations are connected via its rhythmic power. 

Listen: Four Tet - "For These Times"

A new Four Tet  tune has emerged that continues Kierens experimentation in the house music genre. “For These Times” features some rapid fire drums and a soulful vocal loop that stays true to the Four Tet aesthetic while still being its own unique cut. The single appears on Non Plus’ new compilation album, titled Think and Change, which was released in celebration of their fourth anniversary.

Listen: The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Prancer”

Set to drop on May 14, mainstay metalcore techies the Dillinger Escape Plan, will be releasing their latest LP, One of Us Is the Killer via Sumerian Records. Today sees the release of the first single, "Prancer" which should satisfy longtime fans of the band and their chaotic sound. Check it out below and purchase it via iTunes now.

Video: Earl Sweatshirt – “Whoa”

Earl Sweatshirt dropped a new track and video from his upcoming LP Doris. "Whoa" features guest versus from Tyler, the Creator, who directed the video under his Wolf Haley alias as well as cameos by some of the other Odd Future members.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Video: Costacos Brother's "Poster Boys" Documentary

“Seattle, 1984 – It all began with Prince. Naturally. One morning in his grandparents' house that sat atop his home city, John Costacos – just 23 years old – awoke to hearing “Purple Rain” on the radio.

A University of Washington graduate whose football team had the best defense in the country at the time, Costacos came up with the idea of making a "Purple Reign" T-shirt to honor the team, featuring a lineman in a purple jersey falling from a cloud in the sky.”

The rest, as they say, is history…

You may recall We covered a retrospective of the Costacos Bros work, "For the Kids" back in 2011 that took place at Salon 94 NYC, it was easily one of my favorite shows of the year and instantly transported me back to my youth and the posters that covered my bed room wall. Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation apparently shared the love because she put together a great documentary about the brothers featuring some killer footage of the original shoots, discussions with friends, family, former employees and of course many of the giants that where the models for these captivating posters.

The sixteen-minute film features the likes of Jim Mcmahon, Shawn Kemp, Jon Bois, Sir Charles Barkley and the very personable brothers themselves to name but a few and is absolutely worth your time if you were a child of the 80’s and celebrated sports with the Super Bowl Shuffle, The Reign Man and all the other larger than life personalities you just couldn’t get enough of.

Happy Friday - Mr. Mitch - "Catford"

Happy Friday ya’ll to celebrate the weekend here is a trap song that U.K. producer Mr. Mitch created using cat sounds, this is what TNGHT might sound like if my kitties Martini and Tuna got in the studio with them.

Video: The Knife – “A Tooth For An Eye“

A snowy Friday here in New York but things just got a little bit more bright and warm with the seemingly unexpected release of a second tune and video from the The Knife’s forthcoming LP, Shaking The Habitual. The band shared its video, directed by Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson, along with the following statement:

"A Tooth For An Eye" deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. Who are the people we trust as our leaders and why? What do we have to learn from those we consider inferior? In a sport setting where one would traditionally consider a group of men as powerful and in charge, an unexpected leader emerges. A child enters and allows the men to let go of their hierarchies, machismo and fear of intimacy, as they follow her into a dance. Their lack of expertise and vulnerability shines through as they perform the choreography. Amateurs and skilled dancers alike express joy and a sense of freedom; There is no prestige in their performance. The child is powerful, tough and sweet all at once, roaring "I'm telling you stories, trust me". There is no shame in her girliness, rather she possesses knowledge that the men lost a long time ago.”

Listen: Mount Kimbie – “Made To Stray”

UK duo Mount Kimbie have apparently rapped up their new LP and after a three year gap since their debut, Crooks & Lovers, it couldn’t come fast enough. Our first taste of the record, which is scheduled to drop in May via Warp, comes via a radio rip of “Made to Stray” a track that finds the duo incorporating a bouncy beat with some melodic vocals coming in during the second half of the tune. We can’t wait to hear some more proper previews of this and will obviously keep you informed as more information is made available.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch: Kurt Vile - 'Wakin On A Pretty Day'

Philly native and droney songster Kurt Vile is following up his previous successful release Smoke Ring for my Halo with a new album this year, Wakin On a Pretty Daze (Matador Records).  The first track from the album sporting a similar title, "Waking on a Pretty Day" is out and Matador recently released a video that follows the painting of the sign used for the album cover by street artist and fellow Philadelphian ESPO (Steve Powers).  The album comes out April 9th...

Matador Records also recently released a mini-documentary that follows ESPO as he chats about Philly, his influences and his process for creating the mural.

BONUS - Live version of "Wakin on a Pretty Day" (Live on Radio K)

Video: Beach House - "Wishes"

Beach House released another video from their most recent effort 2012’s  Bloom.  The new visuals for “Wishes” are note worthy as they come courtesy of Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric fame or if you grew up like me, more importantly of Ink & Dagger fame. The video also stars Twin Peaks favorite Ray Wise and features football, fireworks, and horses.  Eric said of the project; “This is the first project that I’ve ever collaborated creatively with the band. Victoria’s imagery inspired me to create this special half time show. It also helps that Beach House is literally on my top 5 list of bands, ever.”

So there you have it, truth be told nothing as of yet tops the video he worked on for HEALTH’s “Water” but this is still a good video in its own right.

Listen: James Blake - "Digital Lion"

Well look at that, not even a full 24 hours pass and we have yet another new James Blake tune to share. After hearing the radio rip of the dub version of “Voyeur,” we get “Digital Lion,” a tune that features Brian Eno. So far the three songs we have heard from the forthcoming L,P entitled Overgrown, are quite different from each other but all still uniquely James Blake. This one being the most chaotic of the three with its rapid fire pitter patter drums.

Listen: Austra - “ Home”

Well this seemingly came out of nowhere. Katie Stelmanis' Toronto-based band Austra have announced the follow-up to 2011's excellent Feel It Break. The record will be called Olympia and is scheduled to drop June 18 via Domino. Check out the upbeat "Home" below, which apparently is a very good indication on what the 12 track album will sound like as a whole.

Video: Rhythm Roulette Episode 1 - "Party Supplies"

Mass Appeal have launched a fun new series by the name of Rhythm Roulette. The premise is simple, take a happening producer, have him/her purchase three random records at a record store of their choice and have them flip samples from the LPs into a brand-new beat. Up first is Queens based producer  Party Supplies, perhaps best known for his MPC wizardry with Action Bronson.

Listen: SOHN - "Bloodflows"

UK artist SOHN has been busy making waves these last four months or so, we were happy to share his unique sound with you before most and are even happier to find out that he has recorded and shared a new tune by the name of “Bloodflows.” Not much accompanying information on this one yet so who knows where it will eventually appear but for now you can stream it below…

Listen: James Blake – “Voyeur” (Dub)

Some new music from James Blake comes courtesy  of DJ Benji B. “Voyeur” is actually the dub version of a cut that will appear on his new LP, Overgrown, which drops April 8th. The tune starts with those signature emotive vocal loops and synths but then things quickly go into overdrive in the best way possible, check it below…

Video: Lapalux - "Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)" + FACT Mix

Brainfeeder’s Lapalux just released the Without You EP, which centers on the title track that will also appear on the U.K. recording artist’s forthcoming Nostalchic LP. The tune features guest vocals from frequent collaborator Kerry Leatham and it sets the tone somewhat perfectly for the accompanying visuals that feature an S&M suit-wearing character who runs into some trouble.


BONUS: While you are at it why not check out Lapaluxs' new FACT mix HERE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Listen: Action Bronson – “Morey Boogie Boards” Prod. Harry Fraud

Mark your calendars, this Friday March 8th Harry Fraud will be dropping his latest mixtape entitled Adrift. The tape will boast never-before-heard tracks with some of his favorite collaborators, included is the tune available to stream now below with Action Bronson. Other appearances come courtesy of French Montana, Chevy Woods and possibly the Danny Brown cut we shared just earlier today. Look for a 4:20 p.m. drop.

Listen: Danny Brown: "#HottestMC"

Danny Brown has recorded a new one-off track in response to the much talked about MTV's annual "Hottest MC" countdown. Of course anyone who takes a list of hottest mc’s (what does that even mean?) compiled by MTV too seriously should probably not even be on this site as it pretty much means fuck all but hey that doesn't mean some of the MC’s listed aren't talented.  "Fuck a top 10 list ... nigga im the Greatest Rapper Ever," Danny wrote on Twitter.

MTV reveals its top 5 tomorrow, will Danny make the cut?  Listen to the Harry Fraud-produced song which sees the rapper doing his thing in a slightly more laid back, or perhaps less animated, manner then we are used to hearing from him but as always with much humor.

14 Powell Peralta Ripper Parodies

Is there any graphic that is more iconic in skateboarding then Vernon Courtland Johnson’s(VCJ) Ripper? Combining the incredible line quality of M.C. Escher with his own uniquely-warped sensibilities the man is not only responsible for the time tested classic imagery that helped launch Powell Peralta and its skaters to become house hold names in the late 80’s but still holds influence with artists making waves in today’s scene. The Ripper has been the focus of many parodies, some by Powell themselves, others by rival skate brands like Blind during the heated and well documented battle for supremacy during the mid-90’s, some just offer tribute while others go for laughs, check out some favorites below…

VCJ at Powell Sharing some graphics with the team.

Video: Glass Candy – “The Possessed”

On Monday we shared an extended edit of GlassCandy's "The Possessed", a song first heard on a Paris fashion show runway recently. That song now has a video which sticks to the tried and true hazy footage that longtime collaborator Albert Rossini has been using to showcase various Jewel projects for the last several years. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: Kilian Martin – “Internal Departure”

Freestyle street skater Kilian Martin and filmmaker Brett Novak have once again teamed up to create a short film by the name of “Internal Departure,” the latest in their series of collaborations showcasing both their talents. For the shoot Kilian and Brett were invited to work in Austria where they were given free rein to skate an entire art gallery filled with Kay Walkowiak’s work. As always there are lots of whimsical tricks by Martin set to some stunning and dramatic camera work by Novak.

Video: Midnight Juggernauts – “Баллада Военной Машины Кли“

Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts recently posted some new material via a very clever and creative video on Youtube. The band leaked different versions over the last couple of weeks, but the videos were untitled with no association to the band, apparently the title translates to “Ballad Of The war Car Clip” or "The Ballad of the Military Machine Clip" according to a Russian co-worker of mine.

The guys released this statement on the whole affair…

“For some reason we liked the idea of being an anonymous soviet art-pop band from decades ago, so we shot a video with this premise on the streets of Russia. then we made it look like the clip was presented within an old Russian music program from 30 years ago.”

Video: Autre Ne Veut - "Play By Play"

Autre Ne Veut has shared the second official video for his recently released Anxiety LP. "Play by Play" was Directed by Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper of LEGS. While you are at it make sure to check out the first episode of the H∆SHTAG$ documentary series to get acquainted with some of the other major players in the vibrant AltRnB scene.

Listen: M.I.A. - "Matangi Mix"

Over the weekend M.I.A. shared a short “mix” she produced for the Kenzo fashion show in Paris featuring some new original music by the Sri Lankin.  It's called the MATANGI mix which of course is the also the name of her forthcoming LP that is scheduled to drop April 15th but has already been delayed several times. This is everything good about M.IA., hard percussion, international flavor and more, fingers crossed that the mix is representative of the LP.