Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Listen: HU₵₵I – “Realm” & “Leaf (Clip)

I’ve been saving a bunch of these tunes for the next Onomatopoeia Playlist Series edition but as I’m seemingly dragging my feet on that I figured let me just start sharing some of these tunes as they are great and deserve to be heard sooner rather than later.

Next up is 17-year-old U.K. producer HU₵₵I, who has been killing it in the last year plus with his unruly production style. I’m throwing up “Realm” from earlier this month and an older favorite of mine, the hymn tinged “Leaf (Clip)" for your listening pleasure. Again this is pretty much what’s happening in electronically driven hip hop and trap music right now outside of radio play. I hear people say hip hop is shit now days, I think it’s better than ever and people just need to spend a little more time seeking the interesting stuff out.

Listen: Aywy. – “Voyeur” & “YNGTHG”

Sydney’s Aywy.(pronounced A.Y.) dropped a delicious slice of atmospheric music a couple of hours ago titled “Voyeur.” The song hits all the sweet spots in regards to what’s currently going on in downtempo electronic music. You might say that the producer has been on a bit of a hot streak recently and rightly so, two weeks ago he dropped a boisterous gem of a tune in a collaborative effort with EphRem titled “YNGTHG.” If you haven’t heard any of his music yet it’s a good time to jump onboard.

Video: Arca - "Thievery"

Arca returns to us today with a Jesse Kandra directed video for his latest single, “Thievery.” I shared an audio stream of the tune several weeks back but Alejandro isn't the type of cat to just phone in his visuals, often providing the viewer with something as equally strange and wonderful as his music tends to be. The tune will appear on the Venezuelan’s forthcoming LP, Xen, which is scheduled to drop on November 4th via Mute records.

In addition to working on his own music, Acra has also been named as the sole producer for Björk’s new album. 

Video: The Distortion Of Sound

The Distortion Of Sound documentary recently popped up on YouTube; I’ve been interested in seeing the short film for a while now as it speaks to my concerns with what is happening to how we consume music as a society. Clocking in at 22 minutes the film is packed with various musicians, ranging from legends like Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer and A.R. Rahman, to bottom of the barrel type stuff like Linkin Park; and regardless of any individuals taste out there, there is a uniformed argument being presented by this group of industry insiders that Hans Zimmer puts perfectly into words. “We are a McDonald’s generation of music consumers.”

Perhaps I chose highlight the  quote because I’ve said it verbatim for over a decade now in my own conversations, or maybe it’s because it is the obvious comparison to make , in other words, regardless of the reason it is the truth.

Tackling the subject by way of an illustrated time line and evolution of music product via vinyl, to tape, to cd’s and then to MP3s; we now listen to music that has been compressed so that it sacrifices nuance and tone in favor of brash and loud. In the film, everyone’s favorite, sometimes homophobic dogfather of hip hop, Snoop Dogg, makes the statement that people just don't know any better. I believe the problem is larger than that though, I think people often do know but simply don't care, substituting quality for the convenience of being able to access anything and everything within seconds from our mobile devices.

Somewhat comparable in it's situation but the complete opposite in how it was dealt with was the transition from analogue to HD TV in the television business, music, however,  is driven by very different metrics. For example, if Panasonic want to sell you a new TV, they have to convince you that you’re missing out on something. They show you the difference. They convince you that an HD viewing experience is the best way to fully enjoy film and best represents what the director wanted when releasing the product for public consumption. The television industry in effect has convincingly persuaded us to shell out 2k for new hardware because it’s the premium experience you can't do without.

As music goes to all-online digital delivery, any improvement to the data bit rate directly sacrifices financial bottom line. In other words, this, like pretty much everything in society now days is not based on quality, passion, vision or the need to progress but rather on a stone cold classic, money. There’s worse than no benefit to educating consumers; Today’s digital music providers are actually incentivized to keep consumers in the dark as it benefits their wallets.

Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats Electronics, speaks about 24-bit audio when furthering the point. As a hardware manufacturer, Beats can sell pricier, high-end headphones, if consumers demand it. But when services like Itunes, Spotify and Pandora are selling convenience at increasingly competitive price points, there just isn’t a good enough reason to join the costly war.

Apple, who are responsible for assumedly the most popular and widely distributed form of listening to music on the go, the ipod/iphone, are selling music enthusiasts down the river under the guise of innovation. But they’re not losing any business over their horrific earbuds, in fact they are finding new and better ways to swindle you out of your hard earned cash by offering you a so-so product at a premium price that in reality really can't improve the sound quality because the data compression itself is the problem. It’s a little like owning a top of the line Ferrari with nothing but dirt roads to drive it on.  

I’ll leave you with this; when you purchase an mp3 you are experiencing a piece of music not as the recording artist intended you to experience it but rather as a cliff notes type version. FACT, up to 90% of a song is altered when its run through one of today’s many forms of accepted compressions. 90% PEOPLE! I know we all chose our own battles and causes to fight but I also know at least some of you reading this wouldn't stand for it if 90% of your nutritious, sustainable, organic dinner was substituted with unhealthy, synthetic, imitation food. If our school system suddenly made creationism 90% of how we educate or children in the understanding of evolution vs. the more logically sound studies of Darwin you would probably home school your child from that point on, so why stop the buck here?

Obviously every choice we make as consumers doesn't have to be important or make a social-political statement, but it can be and I argue that every time you purchase a god awful Fun record or contribute more money to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers retirement fund in 2014 via a live stream from Spotify or through the purchase of an mp3 on itunes you are absolutely part of the problem.  Voting with your dollars for an agenda that pretty much always looks out for itself, making sure to slap the "artsy," "colored," "queers" who create some of the best product to the side in favor of convenience and a middle of the road agenda is just as gross as that McDonald’s hamburger you so adamantly protest as being garbage or if you prefer like  when "poor people" vote republican because they one day hope to be filthy rich, in other words both the system, as it stands now, and you, suck. 

Video: TV On The Radio – “Happy Idiot”

TV On The Radio have shared their new "Speed Racer" inspired video for Seeds single "Happy Idiot", it stars Paul Reubens of Pee Wee Herman fame and Karen Gillian of Dr. Who fame.  The clip was directed by Danny Jelinek and written by Jake Fogelnest; if you like what you hear make sure to check out Seeds in its entirety when it drops on November 18th via Harvest Records

Monday, September 29, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - Ba☦☦les Of Fai☦h (Katy Perry Vs. EKALI)

I should start calling the beginning of the work week Mashup Monday’s given my recent output of material; driving the point home I have yet another exclusive remix to share with you today that I titled, “Ba☦☦les Of Faih.”This was another one of those situations where I pretty much catered to my own desires, choosing to find inspiration via a relatively unknown Ekali track and pairing it up with pop superstar Katy Perry. I feel the end result turns Katy’s 2013 pop/EDM song into a slice of hipster R&B more appropriate to 2014, and my own tastes. Stream, share and download from below and see you next week if not sooner with more.

Ba☦☦les of Fai☦h (Katy Perry vs. Ekali)
Katy Perry - "Choose Your Battles" vs. Ekali- "Unfaith"
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
138.66 BPM Key Em Design by Jediak

Banksy Hits Up Folkestone

Banksy hit the streets of Folkestone, a town in southeast England that is currently hosting the Folkestone Triennial. The new stencil depicts an old woman with a museum audio guide device, looking down at a plinth with nothing on it but the remnants of a buffed wall. Banksy introduced the idea of museum audio guides during his New York City "Better Out Than In" residency, including phone numbers and humorous audio recordings to go along with many of the installations and street art, it would seem he is sticking to the idea.

Video: Mastodon "The Motherload"

Mastodon's new video for Once More Around The Sun’s strongest tune, "The Motherload" does a great job juxtaposing religious iconography with twerking, I’d love to see the idea taken even further but this definitely gets the job done regardless. Directed by Jonathan Rej & Thomas Bingham.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Video: TEKDOTLUN – “GetUpOutMyTrapHouse”

Baltimore’s TEKDOTLUN, AKA TEK.LUN, AKA Varth Dader dropped one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in a while with “GetUpOutMyTrapHouse.” Where do I even begin when talking about the beat? I thought I had heard the Amen break pretty much in every way it could be done at this point but TEK takes it to the next level on this one only to break it apart soon thereafter for something else entirely jittery, unique and great.

TEK.LUN - GetUpOutMyTrapHouse from Travis Holloway on Vimeo.

Listen: Boothroyd - "Idle Hours EP"

Tri Angle's latest signing Boothroyd is set to release his debut four-track EP for the influential label next week. Idle Hours is more quality music that lives in that space  in-between dreams and nightmares, cityscapes and rural areas, dark and lite, ambient and noisy. If your the kind of person who occupy's those same spaces then you should be all over this.

Listen: Hudson Mohawke – “King Kong Beaver” & “Brainwave”

Hudson Mohawke’s 4-track EP Chimes is out Tuesday, Sept. 30 on Warp Records. You’ve probably heard the title track in one form or another but today we can share two more tracks from the release for your listening pleasure. “King Kong Beaver” is the stand out of the two in my opinion feeling like a more complete track then “Brainwave” which sounds more like an interlude between songs. Whatever the case the Scot always seamlessly melds the worlds of hip hop and electronic with his own special flair for the dramatic.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Listen: TĀLĀ – “Alchemy”

TĀLĀ shared the title track from her forthcoming Alchemy EP which is set to drop in on November 17th. Lots to like here as the singer/producer showcases both her skills to great effect.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Video: Lido – “Money”

I’ve been following 21-year-old Norwegian producer, Peder Losnegård, aka Lido for a year or two now and he continues to impress me with his Cashmere Cat like approach to electronic music. His remix of Banks’ “Drowning is definitely one of my 2014 favorites and the I Love You EP gets plenty of plays on my ipod. Lido’s star will only rise as time passes and his name gets out there more and it’s well deserved so with that I give you his brand new video for “Money.” I actually tried remixing the tune a couple weeks back, maybe I’ll share what came out of it in the future but for now let’s focus on the original which has some great visuals provided by artist/director Jam Sutton to go along with the schizophrenic production. 

Listen: Baths – “Disorderly”

Was it a coincidence that I shared some exclusive Baths remix work earlier in the week, after all Will Wiesenfeld hasn't been in the spotlight for most of 2014 and yet here we are with two stories relating to the Anticon artist in a matter of days, this time in the form of some original new work.

The Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends have teamed up with Vans OTW for a new five-song EP called What's Good Los Angeles?. It features tracks from Dâm-Funk, Hodgy Beats, Jerome LOL, Problem, Salva and the aforementioned Baths. Check out "Disorderly" below…

Video: A look at ALL THIS MAYHEM (Tas & Ben Pappas Documentary)

VICE documentariesAll This Mayhem is a searing account of what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide. An unflinching, never-before-seen account of drugs and the dark side of professional skateboarding that stars brothers Tas and Ben Pappas. Chronicling the intense bond and charisma that took the siblings from the pinnacle of their sport into a spiraling world of self-destruction; All This Mayhem at its core is a film about what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide.

Utilising endless handicam footage taken at the time, paired with interviews from Henry Sanchez, Lance Conklin, Dom Kekich, Bill Weiss and others, director Eddie Martin, who has ties to Exit The Through the Gift Shop and Senna, touches upon the brothers’ revolutionary style, feuds with Tony Hawk, their ferocious appetite for mood-altering substances and where it ultimately landed them.

If you haven't seen the film and have an interest in the subject matter, really try and do so. And given we live in the age of the internet you can stream the film online HERE for a reasonable price. But if you still need some convincing or perhaps just want to know a little more before jumping in, check out the 20 minute video below where those involved talk a bit more about the project.

Video: Volcano Choir - "Tiderays"

Volcano Choir have shared a new video for "Tiderays", from last year's Repave LP, a record that you may recall made my year-end list in 2013. You may also recall The band have actually already shared some visuals for the tune in the past when they released a series of  re-purposed Michinori Saigo instillation art video captures for each song on the Repave LP; but I guess this acts as some sort of official version away from that universe. The video was directed by Kyle Buckley and Andi Woodward in conjunction with 551project and stars dancers from the Milwaukee Ballet

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Listen: Kendrick Lamar - "i"

Kendrick Lamar has shared "i", the first single off his as yet untitled forthcoming LP. The tune was produced by Rahki and makes use of an Isley Brothers sample of "Who’s That Lady.” Kendrick’s vocals sound a little distorted to my ears, a little helium like if you will, not loving that aspect but otherwise a solid tune from the 27-year-old emcee. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Catacomb Animals” & “Maximalist Love” (Baths vs. Aesop Rock & Drake)

Hey Ho, happy Monday folks, How did the weekend treat you, did you spend time marching in the name of climate change? I spent some of mine sorting through what is quickly turning into a very large stockpile of remix work I’ve built up since June of this year.  I managed to finalize some of the tunes in question and thought why not start out the work week properly by washing away the troubles of last with two Baths’ mashups for your listening pleasure. Aesop Rock provides the story telling, focusing on being an outcast and alienation, for “Catacomb Animals” while Drake talks romance and vulnerability in “Maximalist Love.” 

Stream, share and download from the players below...

Catacomb Animals (Aesop Rock vs. Baths)
Aesop Rock – “Catacomb Kids” vs. Baths – “Animals”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
93.00 BPM Key D#m
Design by Jediak

Maximalist Love (Drake vs. Baths)
Drake – “Find Your Love” vs. Baths – “Maximalist” 
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
96.04 BPM Key D#m
Art by Jediak

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Listen: Giraffage - "Be With You"

Fool's Gold keep on beefing up their roaster with quality artists like San Francisco-based producer Giraffage. “Be With You” is a fun-filled trip packed with base drops, stretched vocal snippets, skittish beats and warped carnival  synths that you can check out below.  If you like what you hear you can grab the track and more off of the new eight-song Fool's Gold compilation below HERE.

Listen: Aphex Twin - "Syro" (Full LP Stream)

Unless you have been living in a cave recently, or aren't a fan, you would be aware that Richard D. James is dropping his first album since 2001 under his famed Aphex Twin moniker. Again anyone who could possibly want to hear the record and has a basic understanding of how the internet works has already spent time with Syro but for those who fall under said caveman dwellings catagory here it is for you in full before it’s official release date next week. “180db_[130]” and CIRCLONT6A [141.98][syrobonkus mix]” are two highlights for myself if anyone is asking , what says you?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Listen: Buck 65 - "NEVERLOVE" (Full LP stream)

Buck 65 has done a solid for his fans out there and shared a stream of his new album NEVERLOVE before its official release on September 30th. The Canadian emcee offers insight into each track providing his thoughts on the process and letting us know who was involved along the way, there is even some talk about the struggles he faced/still faces as result of his divorce some years back which is also the theme of the LP.

Several Anticon alumni help out with production duties and there are some other familiar voices that appear on the project that clearly acts as a therapeutic release for the broken hearted artist. I can say that I’ve seen Buck 65 live many times over the years, albeit most of those times where over a decade ago at this point with the first time being 15 years ago!  I always enjoyed speaking with both Richard and Emily so the whole thing hits home slightly more than I imagine it would if I didn't have a face and voice to put to the stories that are being told and it’s something I truly appreciate.

The record will be available in this form to listen to for about 48 hours so give it a spin from below and go out a buy it on the 30th if you enjoy what you hear.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Video: Danny Brown - "Smokin' & Drinkin'"

I have made it pretty clear time and time again that Danny Brown’s “Smokin’ & Drinkin’” off of 2013’s Old LP is my gold standard for hip hop, it’s all about that crazy flow that switches from whimsical to menacing from verse to verse over an A-Trak beat that sounds like it was birthed from a murky, gator filled, swamp.

Today I got to fall in love with the tune all over again since a video made its way onto the internet that showcases, you guessed it, smoking and drinking.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Video: Shlohmo & Jeremih -"Fuck You All The Time"

Well this is an awesome surprise, possibly on two counts. First off Shlohmo and Jeremih’s fantastic “Fuck You all the Time” remix got a video treatment today, second and possibly more surprising to our readers; the tune has been firmly sitting at the top spot of my favorite songs of 2014 since its release some months back. While very rudimentary in it's structure the intoxicating vocal manipulations and syrupy backing track pulled me in from day one and really haven't let go since. In fact I was just blasting the tune at home yesterday thinking what I think every time I hear it, FUCK YEAH!

The video is somewhat special as well; designed to read like a commercial for a sex hotline the viewer will see a phone number flash on screen, if you actually dial the number you will receive instructions on how to find and download Shlohmo’s new hidden track. Watch the video below for the clue and some serious 90's inspired sexiness.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Listen: Run The Jewels – “Oh My Darling Don't Cry”

Run The Jewels have shared a second track from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Run the Jewels 2. Between “Blockbuster Night Part1” and “Oh My Darling” it would seem like its business as usual for the dynamic duo who continues to release serious yet supremely fun music without watering any of it down for the masses.

Stream the track below and since this tune also appears on the latest comp from Adult Swim Singles Series you can download that shit for for free, how's that for a Monday morning!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Burning Chvrches EP” (Chvrches vs. Michael Jackson, Empire Of The Sun, Sean Paul, R. Kelly, Katy Perry)

Happy Sunday y’all, the lords day as some folks would call it, seemed only appropriate to release a new ep by the name of Burning Chvrches.  It’s amazing how much you can get done in twelve hours if you buckle down and focus. What I have for your listening enjoyment below is five remix/mashup’s that offer a taste of the ten or so I completed yesterday using the instrumentals from Chvrches' Bones Of What You Believe LP.  I tried to jump around a bit with the acapellas and leave the hip hop on the side lines this time choosing to focus on pop, R&B and reggaeton; with the likes of Michael Jackson, Empire Of The Sun, R. Kelly, Katy Perry and Sean Paul guiding me. Visit the player below to listen, download and share.

They Don’t Really Care About Chvrches
Michael Jackson – “They Don’t Really Care About Us” vs. Chvrches –“Lungs
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
91.10 BPM Key Fm

Throat Temperature
Sean Paul – “Temperature” vs. Chvrches –“By The Throat
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
127.14 BPM Key Em

Visions Of The Empire
Empire Of the Sun – “We Are The People” vs. Chvrches –“Science Visions
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
127.14 BPM Key Em

Burnin’ Chvrches
R. Kelly – “Burn it Up” vs. Chvrches –“Lungs” 
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
96.03 BPM Key Fm

Science Lovers
Katy Perry – “Legendary Lovers” vs. Chvrches –“Science Visions”
Recorded September 2014 in LIC, NY
130.02 BPM Key Em

Art by Jediak

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Video: Death From Above 1979 – “Trainwreck 1979”

And we enter the night with a new video from Death FromAbove 1979. “Trainwreck 1979” is the lead single from their sophomore LP, The Physical World. The clip showcases the Toronto due playing a sweaty live show, check it below…

Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979... by LastGangRecords

Listen: Arca - "Thieves"

24-year-old Venezuelan recording  artist, Arca, real name Alejandro Ghersi, is in-demand as ever after making a name for himself in 2013 with his production credits on Kanye West’s Yeezus. Of course I’ve also praised the producer for his work on early FKA Twigs material in 2012 where he also lent some of his signature uneasy production. Though Ghersi has issued a couple of full-length releases before; 2012's Stretch 2 for UNO and last year's &&&&& for Hippos In TanksXen is being billed by Mute Records as his official debut album. It'll arrive on digital, CD and vinyl formats. Limited to 500 copies, the vinyl edition comes sealed in black PVC with a bonus 10-inch of exclusive material and will drop on November 3rd.

You can get a taste for Xen below via a stream of  "Thievery”.

Video: Supreme - "JOYRIDE"

After a bunch of internal issues apparently plaguing the project, Supreme‘s brand new skate promo finally arrives courtesy of William Strobeck. “JOYRIDE” lasts nine minutes and stars the younger members of the Supreme crew, including Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, Sean Pablo, Tyshawn Jones and Kevin Bradley. "Senior" riders are represented by the likes of Jason Dill,  MarkGonzales, Lucien ClarkeDylan RiederAnthony Van Engelen, and Bryan Herman. Shot in NYC, LA and Paris. The video will mark the follow up to this year’s hugely successful and original “Cherry” movie which was Supreme’s long overdue return to skate films proper. 

Listen: Old Man Gloom - "The Lash"

Metal super group, Old Man Gloom, who feature,  Aaron Turner, Santos Montano, Nate Newton and Caleb Scofield, are back with a new record, The Ape Of God,  on November 11th via SIGE and Profound Lore. What does this all mean, well for one we got a new track to share with you that goes by the name “The Lash.” Straight up quality but what would you expect from a band that boasts key members of groups like ISIS, Converge, Cave In, Zozobra, Doomriders and more. Stream it from below and take a second to appreciate some of the art work that will accompany the release. Alongside Jake Banon of Converge fame, Aaron pretty much defined an aesthetic for the scene back in the day so you know it will be quality, unique, and poorly mimicked by others. 

Video: Mineral - "Live @ St. Vitus" (Full Set)

Emo veterans Mineral were only around from 1994 to 1997, having broken up before the release of their second and final album, EndSerenading, but like many bands from the era they recently reformed for some live shows, including a handful in NYC last week.

Brooklyn's Saint Vitus plaid host to the Texas troop’s first night which saw the influential group play a 17 minute set filled with fan favorites that you can now enjoy from below if your town isn't playing host to the very short tour, and don't worry they do play “Parking Lot.”

Five, Eight & Ten, Gloria, Slower, February, A Letter, For Ivadell, Sounds Like Sunday, Unfinished, If I Could, Waking To Winter, & Serenading, Paliside, MD, Parking Lot

Video: alt-J - "Every Other Freckle"

More catching up this morning, this time with Brit rockers alt-J, who in three weeks will release their sophomore album, This Is All YoursThe band apparently decided that their single “Every Other Freckle” needed not one but two Olivier Groulx  directed video’s, which I believe is something they have done in the past.

The clips are nearly identical, save for the main characters, one focuses on a boy while the other highlights a girl. This Is All Yours is due out September 22 but you know you can already find it if you so desire on this thing called the internet. 

Listen/Download: Raury - "Indigo Child"

So I’ve been off the grid for a moment enjoying some much needed time away from NYC with good friends in Atlanta. This next share is something I grabbed before heading off to the south which was only too appropriate considering the teenager not only hails from the city but also creates a unique sound that mixes all the elements of his town’s rich gospel, rap, folk, soul, and indie history.

The project contains thirteen songs which eclectically jump around, sometimes falling a little short but often hitting a creative high note. With the release of the tape Raury was instantly signed to a major label, which I guess is great for him if you put much stock into the increasingly archaic practice that is the business of doing music; So I’m sure his star will only continue to rise in the near future as the machine starts to turn its wheels.

You can stream the tape from below and download it if you like what you hear and I also threw up the AndrewDonoho directed video for “God’s Whisper” which some of you have probably seen at this point but will serve as a good intro for those who haven’t.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Missing Song 5” (Chance The Rapper vs. HAIM)

I’m off to Atlanta bright and early tomorrow morning to celebrate fellow Onomatopoeia contributor, Scraped Knee’s marriage!  I might update while I’m out there for the rest of the week, I might not, I figure might as well leave you all with something special.

Yes another remix/mashup but this one is a little different…

When I stuck Chance The Rapper’s “Missing You” on top of HAIM’s “My Song 5” all I could think is wow! No one is going to like this. But That’s the thing, more often than not my favorites aren’t going to line up with “your” favorites, it’s one of those ironies in life, you can spend five minutes on something that you find ho hum and people might love it while at the same time you can work your butt off on something and no one will pay any mind. I say this because the end result that is "Missing Song 5" is pretty weird, but in my opinion weird in the best way possible, completely giving each song new context and life.  Who knows, maybe you all will like it,  give it a spin from below and let me know…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Missing Song 5 (Chance The Rapper vs. HAIM) Chance The Rapper - “Missing You” vs. HAIM – “My Song 5”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
159.95 BPM Key Em
Design by Jediak

Listen: TV On The Radio – “Happy Idiot”

Finally found a moment to share the new TV On The Radio tune that popped up yesterday night. The Brooklyn band’s new album, Seeds, is scheduled to drop in November but we have been getting tastes of new material on a relatively steady basis via live performances and this music video; but we are talking about one of my all time favorite bands so it’s never really enough as far as I’m concerned. Seeds will be the band’s first album since 2011′s Nine Types of Light. It will also be their first without bassist Gerard Smith, who tragically passed away that same year from lung cancer. Watch the lyric video for “Happy Idiot” below now….


Video: Drive Like Jehu and Dr. Carol Williams at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park (Full Show)

Nice, I’ve been holding off sharing any footage of the DriveLike Jehu reunion show that took place this holiday weekend at Balboa Park until quality film popped up. Chances are you’ve seen some videos in the last 48 hours but even Pitchfork’s shared footage was from a lousy angle and cut off Mark Trombino which as you know is a major sacrilege .  Well I’m here to let you know that if you are a fan and couldn't make it out to California for the gig some quality footage is now available to enjoy, but first things first.  If you are not familiar with Drive Like Jehu then please leave this website right now and go and spend some time discovering their music. I appreciate your interest and loyalty but they are much more important source of inspiration than any of the ramblings one can find here. If you are here because I’m usually the person who provides said information, here is a very brief rundown…

Drive Like Jehu were/are an American post-hardcore  band from San Diego California active from 1990 to 1995. Formed by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Rick Froberg and lead guitarist John Reis following the breakup of their band Pitchfork, the band's lineup also included bassist Mike Kennedy and drummer Mark Trombino. Their music was characterized by multisectioned compositions, interlocking guitar patterns, orchestrated builds and releases, and elliptical melodies that produced a distinctive sound amongst other post-hardcore acts and impacted the evolution of hardcore punk into emo.

Rick and John have both been pretty active since Drive Like Jehu ended and can be publicly seen performing on the regular with their various projects including but not limited to Rocket From The Crypt, Hot SnakesObits, Night Marchers and more.  Mark has made his impact from behind the scenes and is heavily responsible for not just some of the most important and influential post punk/emo albums of the era but really helped define the entire scene’s sound as a whole. As for Mike? It would seem that education was Mr. Kennedy’s priority as he went back to school to study chemistry.

The band has said this will absolutely be a one off show, but I find absolutes for these types of things to often be temporary. Rumor has it the reasoning behind the show was that it was a rare opportunity to be able to use the park’s organ which Dr. Carol Williams lends her talents to for the performance.

So with little further delay sit back and enjoy Drive Like Jehu and Dr. Carol Williams at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.

Sunday August 31st, 2014 at 6:45pm

1. Do You Compute
2. Super Unison
3. Sinews
4. If It Kills You
5. Luau

Performance supported by the Spreckels Organ Society (http://spreckelsorgan.org/), a volunteer-driven 501-C-3 non-profit (Tax ID 33-0299072) incorporated in 1988 to preserve, program, and promote the Spreckels Organ as a world treasure for all people.

Filmed on a GroPro HERO3+ Black
Video by Max Nanis (https://twitter.com/x0xMaximus)