Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video: Bat for Lashes - "All Your Gold"

Bat for Lashes drops a video for “All Your Gold” from her forthcoming LP, The Haunted Man, out October 15 in the UK via Parlophone/EMI and October 23 in the U.S. via Capitol. The video sees Natasha dancing on the beach in tasteful black and white. If you missed them the first time make sure to check out two other tunes from the LP, "Laura", and "Marilyn".

Friday, September 28, 2012

Show Opening :Mi Ju - "Gaia" @ Freight + Volume, NYC

I’ve been a fan of Mi Ju, a young, very gifted painter from South Korea since she was studying in college, in fact I purchased a piece of hers during her second solo show almost three years ago at Fecal Face Gallery in SF, I’m glad I did because they aren’t the easiest things to come by, even as, or perhaps  because of her rising star. Mi Ju’s latest solo show marks her fourth overall (her first was in 2006) and first in New York.

Entitled Gaia, referring to the Greek earth mother goddess, the latest collection of paintings is housed at New York’s Freight + Volume Gallery in Chelsea and showcases 10 new paintings, 3 black and white sketches and an instillation that transform her 2-d characters in the tangible 3d works .  The artist’s trademark colorful creatures are always a feat for the eyes resembling characters one might associate with a videogame or a Chinese street festival dragon.  The artist has said that symbolism is imbedded in dream and fantasy as a means to interpret her upbringing in - and emigration from – a divided country.  She connects her past and her present via a blend of traditional Korean motif and mythology along with current political and personal subject matter.  

Mi Ju - "Wind", 2011 Acrylic on canvas & cut out paper 54 x 78 inches
Born in South Korea, her father ran a textile factory and mother was a florist for a Buddhist temple. Massive rolls of fabric were always around her during her childhood, their colorful patterns and diverse textures affecting her visual expression. The intricate natural ornaments and bizarre creatures filling Buddhist temples also fed the artist’s imagination. She writes,

Studying in Australia, San Francisco, and New York has given me insight into the various perspectives people have about nature. Native American totem poles, Aboriginal topographical art, and the complexity of psychedelic art all influence my artistic process. I look to scientific theories on the origin of life, emergence patterns, and swarm behavior to introduce more intricacy and narrative into my work.

Mi Ju -"Waves", 2012 Mixed media installation
Mi explores the significance of Gaia pictorially, as it relates to today’s ecological challenges celebrating and paying homage to the elements in all their glory by examining both microcosms and macrocosms in nature.

I perceive nature as flat, crowded, and infinite. Often times, the world is too large to comprehend, too crowded to find a focus. Countless living organisms are packed layer by layer, interconnected with each other. My compositions develop from the contemplation of opposing concepts: ephemeral and eternal, uncensored and restrained, improvised and strategic. The work often combines both cuteness and violence. By understanding natural elements from micro to macro, fractals to flocks, and ants to people, I reflect mixed perceptions of nature through my work. Nature could be seen as controllable, appealing, and delightful, yet from a different perspective, natural elements can become overwhelming and destructive.

Of course Mi Ju herself was in attendance and made time to discuss her work with anyone who approached her with much enthusiasm and grace even in the very packed space that was filled with both eager diehard fans and new comers alike.

If you are in the New York area make sure you make it over to the gallery while the show is up for the next month plus and ending on November 3rd.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Listen: Hudson Mohwake - "Tingle'

Ripped from the BBC Radio 1 Show with Benji B on the 20th September 2012, what we got here is an old, unfinished and unreleased track by Hudson Mohawke entitled "Tingle". Plenty of low end bass surrounding a smorgasburg or percussion that sounds like it was created out of pots and pans. 

Video: Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again"

Executive produced by The Creators Project in partnership with Warp Records and Grizzly Bear, the video for the Shields stand out cut “Yet Again” was directed by Emily Kai Bock and shot in Toronto. You may recall that Emily also directed Grimes’ “Oblivion". The video opens with a female figure-skater on a rink where things get strange quickly as she falls through the ice and is transported to the middle of the forest. Cool stuff, Creative Project always comes correct.

Listen: West End Motel - "Burn it Down"

Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album with side-project West End Motel, due October 30 on Warner Bros. RecordsOnly Time Can Tell is the follow-up to the bands 2011 debut, Don't Shiver, You're A Winner and Rolling Stone is streaming the album's first single "Burn It Down" right now. West End Motel began in 1993 under a bridge in Atlanta, where Hinds first met longtime friend Tom Cheshire. Describing themselves as a "conglomerate of losers, poets and hobo-sexuals," the due write acoustic-guitar driven songs layered with horns and keys, with the end result sounding something like Nick Cave fronting GOGOL BORDELLO. The project pre-dates Hinds more well-known band, Mastodon,  and offers a peak into Hinds' musical influences.  Listen to “Burn It DownHERE and check out the track listing below…

01. Burn It Down
02. El Myr
03. Witch Is Dead
04. If I Only Had Tomorrow (Second Chances)
05. Forgiveness
06. Only Time Can Tell
07. Valentine
08. Bite

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Listen: Converge – “Shame In The Way”

Converge's forthcoming LP and number eight overall, All That We Love We Leave Behind, is just around the corner (due out October 9th on Epitaph and Deathwish Records). As was hinted in the album's initial preview "Aimless Arrow," the veteran Boston band show no signs of softening things up at all. Frontman Jacob Bannon has stated its title stems from the death of his beloved dog and the concepts of time and self-awareness make up the backbone of the lyrics. Check out “Shame in the Way” below which act’s as our second proper taste of the highly anticipated LP.

Listen: Crystal Castles – “Wrath of God”

Crystal Castles will be releasing a new album this November and we recently shared a video of a new tune entitled "Plague" that will appear on it. Today, as promised we got a second cut from the lP for you to hear in the form of “Wrath of God” which is another bleak slice of electronic goodness from the duo. 

Video: Party Supplies – “New York 2017”

A couple weeks ago we shared PartySupplies’ latest sound collage, “New York 2017”, a return to the fun sample heavy tunes the producer first established himself with and today he’s got an equally fun video to match the sound. Using found footage from the 80’s take a journey into the future via the past!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Buy These: Swoon Prints

The first lady of street art, Swoon, has launched a new website where she is selling a number of editioned prints. These aren’t your average prints by any means, they lie someplace in-between an editioned print and an original, many of them on unique canvas’ with hand done flourishes. Check em’ out HERE.

Video: Valerie Vargas Profile for Tattoo Age - Part’s 1 & 2

Tattoo Age is back with season two and they start things of with artist Valerie Vargas. Valerie grew up in Scotland, but has lived and worked in London for the last five years. You can find her at Frith StreetTattoo in SoHo, where she's known for doing the prettiest "lady heads" in the world. Valerie has only been seriously tattooing since 2007, so she's proof that talent and hard work will never fail you. In part one we are introduced to Valerie and get her back story featuring interviews with her fellow Frith Street artist and boyfriend Stewart Robson as well as Stafano C and shop owner Dante DiMassa. Valerie briefly discusses some of her influences hailing from not only the tattoo world but also from her childhood love of Disney.

In the second video we get a closer look at Frith Street, Valerie also gives us insight into what it took to develop as a tattooer, and why London will be home base for the foreseeable future. Check back for a third and final video in the near future.

Listen: Lana Del Rey – “Ride”

Lana Del Rey will be releasing  Born To Die Paradise Edition on November 12th which is a special edition of the singers Born To Die LP featuring eight brand new songs. Today she has released the audio to her new, Rick Rubin produced, single “Ride”, which will be one of the new tunes included in the package. Lush production filled with strings and the voice that seems to either capture or repel people, you know how I feel. 

Listen: Frank Ocean – “Blue Whale”

Frank Ocean shared a new tune via his Tumblr titled “Blue Whale.” Ocean changes it up a bit on this one perhaps getting some inspiration from his close affiliates, Odd Future, choosing to rap as opposed to his usual singing.  Give the track a listen below…

Monday, September 24, 2012

Video: Crystal Castles - "Plague"

Crystal Castles will be releasing a new album this November, we recently shared a stream of a new tune entitled "Plague" and today we can share a video for it. Intense stuff with this one as a woman who is seemingly possessed shakes and convulses violently in a subway station pathway. Originally created by a fan of the band, Ivan Grbin, Crystal Castles liked it so much, they decided to make it the official video. It uses captured footage from the 1981 Andrzej Zulawski film Possession. In more news from the band we will be hearing a new single entitled “Wrath of God” this Wednesday as well. 

Listen/Download: Chromatics' Johnny Jewel - “Let’s Kiss/Sunday Morning Mix”

Johnny Jewel and the rest of the Chromatics released what is easily one of my favorite records this year with Kill For Love, Jewel is specific has been very busy with various projects outside of the Chromatics but still made time to put together this mix. I’ll let his words explain it all below…

A lot of people have been asking us for a non interview version of the FYF mix from three weeks ago in Los Angeles. I didn't bother to record the i put it back together this morning at home with a space echo & holy grail for you while having breakfast. 
I ran out of time in L.A. , so i didn't quite get to all the tracks that i intended on there's a few extra songs at the end. 
Johnny Jewel.  

FARAH / SHADOW OF A DOBT (Sonic Youth Cover / Unrealeased Demo From The "Into Eternity" Sessions / November 2008)

Listen: Cold Cave - "A Little Death To Laugh"

New Wave punks Cold Cave  are prepping a new three-song 7" single, "A Little Death to Laugh", which will be available during their fall tour and on their website (The single was recorded in February of this year in Los Angeles and was inspired by the deceased poet Tristan Corbiere, check out the title track below…

Listen: Flying Lotus - “Until The Quiet Comes” (Full LP Stream)

As previously reported LA beatmaker  Flying Lotus will release his fourth album, Until The Quiet Comes, on October 2nd, but as of today you can stream it in full courtesy of NPR. Featuring Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Thundercat and Erykah Badu, Untill the Quiet Comes is a glitchy, trippy experimental affair that should please people who already consider themselves a fan of the artist but equally do very little to convince those who are not.

Stream the LP HERE

Friday, September 21, 2012

Listen/Download: Action Bronson – “It’s Me” Produced by Party Supplies

New tune from Action Bronson this morning as he takes to Twitter  to share the Party Supplies produced “It’s Me”. Sampling what sounds like something straight out of The Little Mermaid  Bronson works his magic to the fullest in this all too short gem . This track comes off the wake of Action’s recent signing to Vice/Warner.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listen/Download: Bruiser Brigade EP

As previously reported Detroit’s Danny Brown  and his Bruiser Brigade crew have released a new EP through Scion A/V today. Brown is joined by DopeheadCHIP$Chavis ChandlerTrplBlk MandingoZelooperz, and in-house producer SKYWLKR. The EP features four tracks: new songs “Errrthang” and “Jooky,” as well as remixes from Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah.  Listen to it below and download in exchange for your email address.

Video: Flying Lotus – “Putty Boy Strut”

As previously reported Flying Lotus’ new LP, Until the Quiet Comes is out October 2 through WarpHere's the latest video from the project for a tune called  "Putty Boy Strut". The charming animated tale of robots devouring other robots was directed by Cyriak Harris.

Invader Hits Up Space

Wow Invader really lived up to his moniker with this latest project having launched a piece into space!  The French street artist whose trademark tile mosaics based on figures from the vintage video game Space Invaders shared some images of the whole thing which took flight out of Miami. This was the artists second attempt at getting his work into the stratosphere having failed to do so a first time last month. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Listen: Bat for Lashes - "All Your Gold"

We have already shared two tunes from Bat for Lashes forthcoming LP, The Haunted Man, out October 15 in the UK via Parlophone/EMI and October 23 in the U.S. via Capitol. Following "Laura", and "Marilyn" comes “All Your Gold” This is probably the most upbeat of the bunch so far.

Video: Crate Diggers: Cut Chemist & DJ Z-Trip

Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers is a fun show if you are into collecting music, and as you can image pretty much everyone at Onomatopoeia is. I thought I would throw up two recent episodes of the show featuring two collectors who are widely known for their obsessive and impressive vinyl collections. We start things off with Cut Chemist of the Jurassic 5 who speaks from the Stable, aka his vault of vinyl where he shares his experiences and stories from a lifetime of digging, revealing rare treasures, his method of organizing, and growing up as a DJ in a musical household.

DJ Z-Trip rounds out the second video with a discussion on his 60 thousand or so records. The DJ is quite humorous about things revealing that he lost a many a girlfriends over his collection often spending vacations searching for record stores instead of on the beach! Like the Chemist video Z shares his preferred method of organizing his collection, BPM’s, as well as stories about his first record ever purchased, his most expensive record, show vinyl, mixing and collecting rock over the more popular jazz and funk and why he is known as the king of the dollar.

Video: Modern Comedian Episode 4 - “Lynn Shawcroft” (Mitch Hedberg’s Widow)

Lynn Shawcroft was married to Mitch Hedberg for the last 6 years of his life. Needless to say she has lots of great stories and possesses many of Mitch's notebooks which she generously shares in this episode of Modern Comedian

Listen: Bruiser Brigade – “Errthang”

Danny Brown and Dopehead do their thing on new Bruiser Brigade track “Errthang” that will appear on the previously reported BB EP that's scheduled to drop as a free download on Wednesday through Scion AV. The sinister beat comes courtesy of Skywlkr who was responsible for what was hand down the best song on the last Childish Gambino Mixtape.

video: Jessie Ware – “Night Light”

Jessie Ware, who you might know from guest appearances on SBTRKT’s tunes, drops a video for “Night Light” off her recently released critically acclaimed album Devotion. "Night Light" sees Jessie's powerhouse vocal shining to a backdrop of swirling guitars, majestic piano flourishes and down-tempo rhythm. As a whole the LP really reminded me of Sade, so if you feelin' smooth try it out. The video, directed by Chris Sweeney, shot in a beautiful monochrome tonality features cameo appearances from Jessie's boyfriend and sister, Hannah Ware.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Download: Caleb Stone – “Sleepy Bitches Mixtape”

Producer Caleb Stone, who I first discovered through Chance The Rapper’s fantastic mixtape 10 Day, drops his own mixtape in the form of Sleepy Bitches.  For those not familiar the producer’s sound it is filled with mysterious disjointed atmospheric, ghostly moans, and plenty of  low end bass.  Additional production on the tape by Pyramid Vritra and The Internet’s Matt Martians, Grab it HERE and get a taste below...

Video: Lorn – “Weigh Me Down”

Lorn's "Weigh Me Down", taken from his excellent Ninja Tune album  Ask The Dust now has an equally fantastic video to go with it.  In the 8-bit clip we see a cattle-processing plant flip the switch and rise up against the humans in this equally parts eerie and intense video that was directed, produced and animated by Max Friedrich.