Saturday, August 30, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Forever Fearful” (Drake ft. Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne vs. Ian Brown & “Honesty Is The Best Policy” (Future vs. Fossa)

I skipped posting something special yesterday to give myself a breather and work on something new instead. Pretty happy with how these came out although there is nothing worse then spending an entire day making something and then facing a roadblock at the last step; Soundcloud wouldn’t let me upload one of the tracks due to DRM issues with what I imagine must have been the Ian Brown track used. I like to try and keep everything in one place so when I have to stream one random track someplace else, frankly it’s annoying. Whatever the case I figured I’d go with Mixcloud and also create a download link since they don’t offer the option as such.

On that note first up is “Forever Fearful,” which took me a stupid amount of time to get just the way I wanted. Sometimes these things can take an hour or two; sometimes they can take nine or ten. This was one of those painfully long ones.  The music is handled by the aforementioned, Ian Brown by way of his song, “F.E.A.R.,” while the vocals come courtesy of Drake, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne’s “Forever.”


/ˈjedˌīak/ - Forever Fearful (Drake feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne vs. Ian Brown)
Drake feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne – “Forever” vs. Ian Brown –“F.E.A.R.”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
158.11 BPM Key F#m
Design by Jediak

Next up is something I came up with spontaneously after hearing Fossa’s new tune “Bae.” I figured it be fun to try something out that fit the contemporary landscape after spending so much of my day on the retro based “Forever Fearful.” I’d been sitting on a bunch of Future acapella’s for a while and “Honest” fit the vibe I was looking for nicely.  The irony isn’t lost on me that I only just properly heard the Future track right now for the first time as reference for what I’m writing here!
/ˈjedˌīak/ - Honesty Is The Best Policy (Future vs. Fossa)
Future – “Honest” vs. Fossa –“Bae”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
140.07 BPM Key Am
Design by Jediak

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Members Only EP ” Lorde vs. The Beastie Boys vs. G Unit

Day three of our super special Labor Day week of exclusive remix’s’and I’ve got another two song set for y’all to enjoy; I’m calling this one the Members Only EP and Lorde’s “The Love Club” set’s the backing for the two acapella’s of choice. First up, The  Beastie Boys’ “Body Movin’,”  a song that I actually never really liked; at least not in the context of the entire Beastie’s catalogue but then again it’s a rather large and rich catalogue. Following things up is G Unit’s ”Eye For An Eye,” which unintentionally seems timely to me since they made the news by closing out Chelsea Handler’s Late Night show run earlier this week.

I actually found something in the neighborhood of 30 possible combos’ could be done using “The Love Club” as the instrumental when making a mashup. I even toyed with the idea of doing all 30, releasing one a day for an entire month but I abandoned it as it seemed like a sure fire way to make something I enjoy doing into a task.

Listen, download and share from below and look back tomorrow for the next batch of celebratory tunes.

/ˈjedˌīak/ - The Body Club (Beastie Boys vs. Lorde)
Beastie Boys - "Body Movin'" vs. Lorde - "The Love Club"
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
99.10 BPM Key Dm
Design By Jediak

/ˈjedˌīak/ - The Lorde Unit (G Unit vs. Lorde)
G Unit – “Eye For An Eye” vs. Lorde–“The Love Club”
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
90.42 BPM Key Am
Design by Jediak

Listen: The Neighbourhood feat. Danny Brown – “Hate Machine”

As previously reported L.A. band, The Neighbourhood, are gearing up to release a rock mixtape in the near future. I spoke of the importance of this at the time so I won't bore you doing so again, instead I will share a new track from the project which features Danny Brown. “Hate Machine” seamlessly fuses both artists’ worlds together, which only makes sense considering how vocal the Neighbourhood are about being avid hip hop fans, stream it below to form your own opinions…

Listen: SOHN – “The Chase”

I woke up this morning bright and early to see that SOHN had shared a new tune. This is the first new material we have heard since the British producer dropped his album earlier in the year and he sticks with the formula that made him popular in the past. Stream “The Chase” from below…

Throwback Thursdays: Video - Jonathan Lethem Speaks With Raymond Pettibon About His Work

This week’s Throwback Thursday is for all the art nerds out there.

Jonathan Lethem, the Roy E. Disney Professor of Creative Writing at Pomona College, is the critically acclaimed author of "Motherless Brooklyn," "The Fortress of Solitude," "Chronic City," and "Dissident Gardens". Back in  2013 he collaborated with Raymond Pettibon on a monographic survey of the artist's work, which embraces a spectrum of American "high" and "low" culture, from the deviations of marginal youth to art history, literature, sports, religion, politics, and sexuality.

Raymond, who is most well-known for his iconic punk rock graphics, is as relevant as ever, although not the best speaker. In fact as of late his work has been licensed to NYC trend setters Supreme. The conversation starts out a little awkward but as things move along Raymond becomes more comfortable and opens up more about his process, collaborations, comics, film making and more. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Listen: Vessel - "Anima"

Cover image byHarry Wright and Stephanie Third 
Anima”, the second track to be unveiled from the Punish, Honey LP by Tri Angle recording artist Vessel. The track sits firmly Vessel’s experimental electronic universe but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a sense of whimsy and mystery found both below and on the forthcoming album’s lead single, “Red Sex." Look for Punish, Honey to drop on September 15th.

Punish Honey is out September 15th.

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Dream Lights” (Ellie Goulding vs. Beyonce) & “Smack That End” (Akon feat. Eminem vs. Shlohmo)

Day two of our exclusive remix week and I’m going with a totally different vibe than yesterday’s efforts. First up is one I finished back in July called “Dream Lights;” which feature’s Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” over Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams.” Two older songs for sure but I thought the mix was screaming to happen, so why not by me?

Second up is something I finished up last week and that I’m actually quite pleased with. I feel the re-work totally updates the Akon vocal and brings it right back to 2014.  The Omni Echelon remix of Shlohmo & Jeremih’s “Realize The End” does most of the heavy lifting though.

On a side note it’s crazy how many different commercially released versions of “Smack That” are available out there, I think I heard at least four but the Eminem one worked best.

I also want to give a shout out to my flat mate, Jason, who provided the art for "Dream Lights," not for nothing but sometimes it feels like a factory in here pumping out all this material!

Check back tomorrow for more tunes and listen, download and share today’s features from below…  

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Dream Lights (Ellie Goulding vs. Beyonce)
Ellie Goulding - "Lights" vs. Beyonce- "Sweet Dreams"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
120.14 BPM Key D#m
Art By Jason Vayanos

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Smack That End (Akon feat. Eminem vs. Shlohmo & Jeremih)
Akon & Eminem – “Smack That”” vs. Shlohmo & Jeremih - "Realize The End" (Omini Echelon Mix) Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
120.38 BPM Key Fm
Design By Jediak

Video: Grimes (feat. Blood Diamonds) - "Go"

Grimes has unleashed the video for her new single "Go", a song that she previously announced was originally written for Rihanna. To be honest when this song first popped up about a month ago I wasn’t very excited about it and unfortunately I’m still not. It’s not bad by any means but you can tell it was written with a more mainstream audience in mind and there are already plenty of people doing music exactly like this and arguably better. With that being said let’s see what the album brings us, I still have faith that I will be surprised and excited and you know the video below will at least entertain.

Co-directed by Boucher and her brother Mac under the production alias Roco-Prime, and was inspired by Dante'sInferno

BONUS: Check-out Steve Madden's exclusive look behind the scenes of "Go".

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Cells EP” (Chance The Rapper vs. alt-J vs. Goldspot)

Labor day is fast approaching which means summer is ending with a bang of BBQ’s, weddings, and last minute beach time. Labor day also marks the three-year anniversary since I started sharing these remix’s and mashup’s; so all this week leading up the holiday I’m gonna be posting a stockpile of new tunes for ya’ll to enjoy. 

Today’s pick is the Cells EP, consisting of two songs inspired by Chance The Rapper’s “Brain Cells.”  First up is “Cell Blocks” which uses alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” as the backing tune. I created this one back in July and have been sitting, waiting, for the right moment to share it. Track two was created last night by chance (no pun intended,) and uses Gold Spot’s “It’s Getting Old, “ The end result is an indie  themed mashup experience that kind of represents my mood right now. Give them a spin from below or download for later…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Cell Blocks (Chance The Rapper vs. alt-J)
Chance The Rapper - "Brain Cells” vs. alt-J - "Breezeblocks"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
153.36 BPM Key Am
Art By Jediak

/ˈjedˌīak/  - Gold Cells (Chance The Rapper vs. Goldspot)
Chance The Rapper - "Brain Cells" vs. Goldspot - "It's Getting Old"        
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
153.48 BPM Key Fm
Design By Jediak

Listen: Slow Magic – “Waited 4 U”

Slow Magic has been killing it as of late with new music and the producer continues the winning streak with another new tune titled “Waited 4 U.” Showcasing his trademark tropical synths and crunchy percussion the elements you have come to know and love from the producer stay intact and make me hungry for the full length out September 9th.

Listen/Download: Youthquaker – “BitTorrent Bundle EP”

Definitely some interesting  and experimental things going on with the production from Youthquaker on their new ep...

Youthquake was a term coined by Vogue’s Diana Vreeland; shorthand for the social disruption of the 60s. What started as a moment in time became a sprawling movement: a shared belief in self-expression.

Illangelo and Phlo Finister’s Youthquaker sets out to recapture this spirit. The project from the GRAMMY Award-winning producer (and The Weeknd collaborator) is cinematic, textured, and timeless: 90s trip hop + the sound of the 70s. Your first listen is here. Youthquaker is debuting three new tracks from their upcoming album, Projections, as a free BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Bundle, and unlock the movement: in song, video, and art.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Shake Off That Drama” (Tony Yayo vs. Taylor Swift)

Drama always seems to find Taylor Swift and her new video is no exception…

As we close out the week I figured why not share another exclusive remix that’s appropriately timely with y’all on this lazy sunny Sunday. Tony Yayo teams up with Eminem and Obie Trice for some lyrical drama ala “Drama Setter” to the beat of Taylor Swift’s infamous and infectious “Shake It Off.” Stream, download and share from below…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Shake Off That Drama (Tony Yayo feat. Eminem & Obie Trice vs. Taylor Swift) 
Tony Yayo - “Drama Setter” vs. Taylor Swift - “Shake It Off” 
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
159.97 BPM Key Am 
Design By Jediak

Friday, August 22, 2014

Listen: Deafheaven - "From the Kettle Onto the Coil"

San Francisco black metal act, Deafheaven, have shared a new seven-minute tune by the name of "From the Kettle Onto the Coil." The song is being released as part of this year's Adult Swim Summer Singles and can be downloaded here beginning August 25 or as I often like to say right now if you have any know how on how the internet works.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Video: Hot Sugar- "The Forest Nymph That Lives Behind the School"

Hot Sugar is back with his latest video and it’s already being pulled from the net as fast as it gets uploaded.  “The Forest Nymph That Lives Behind the School”  is an atmospheric, dream-like track, a much more subdued affair from the producer that acts as a soundtrack to this self-directed short. Hot Sugar had this to say about the work…

"In this generation of internet dependency, we experience the arbitrary censorship of nudity. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer no room for discussion. One of the world’s biggest artists, Rihanna, graced the cover of a fashion magazine with her delicately exposed nipples (an image then wheat pasted across the streets of Paris, one of the world’s most reputable and historical centers of culture), had that photo deleted from Instagram as obscenity. Nicki Minaj’s bikini clad butt was airbrushed to the point of looking like a cartoon but still got removed a couple weeks ago. More absurdly, a photo of a marble nipple from a centuries old statue at the Louvre can be reported as offensive if uploaded to Facebook.

"For a couple years I wrote off the culpable social networks as irrelevant, suggesting that they would wane in influence over time, but Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become so pervasive in our culture that they control and dictate a significant part of the social interactions in our lives. If the majority of your communication with friends, family, and professional associates takes place on these social networks, they should be held accountable for limiting your freedom of expression.

"As it stands, there is no room for art on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube if it should imply the human body in its natural form. Despite what they may argue, they are not looking for a debate. They have essentially declared that all nudity is obscenity, regardless of artistic merit. 

"This can send younger generations a frustrating message. Its not like they haven’t seen a naked body (most people in fact emerge into the world from a naked body as a naked body). This is also the internet. A couple clicks will bring you from a Facebook wall post with your grandmother to a porn site that showcases unfathomable acts of sexual acrobatics, the likes of which have never been recorded throughout history (with the highest standard of clarity and resolution). 

"This treatment of nudity marginalizes the meaning of nudity and removes any middle ground. On one hand, we are being taught that all nudity is obscene in social settings. On the other hand we are shown that nudity can flourish and be financially lucrative in its most extreme and gratuitous form. 

"If you’re going to portray someone naked, why bother doing it with a paintbrush? You wont be able to share it proudly with the general community. Also, why bother settling on something as benign as a painting of a torso? It certainly wont compete against the ‘wow’ factor of (a popular website where women choose the ingredients of a smoothie and then funnel the blended results into their butts).

"The nude body will always represent a human (or any living organism) in it purest form. It is how we entered the world and it is the only thing we will bring with us when we disappear from it. After millennia of slow progress in the fight to legitimize artistic representations of nudity, its disappointing to watch these important websites that moderate our social interactions take such a step backwards."

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - “Ludacris Mohawk” (Ludacris vs. Hudson Mohawk) & “Swimming Chimes” (Kendrick Lamar vs. Hudson Mohawk)

This week’s exclusive remix comes in the form of a double header with Hudson Mohawk’sChimes” acting as the inspiration. I tried a bunch of combos, several of them worked, many did not but these two were probably my favorite from the lot. “Ludacris Mohawk” is the cleaner and older of the two  but I’ve been wanting to use Kendrick’s “SwimmingPools” for a while now and the two fit well so despite some of that high-hat residue remaining I figured just do it! Stream, download and share from below…

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Ludacris Mohawk (Ludacris vs. Hudson Mohawk)
Ludacris - "Rollout" (My Business) vs. Hudson Mohawk - "Chimes"
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY
131.05 BPM Key C#m
Design By Jediak

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Swimming Chimes (Kendrick Lamar vs. Hudson Mohawk)
Kendrick Lamar - "Swimming Pools” vs. Hudson Mohawk - "Chimes"
Recorded August 2014 in LIC, NY 147.90 BPM Key G#m
Design By Jediak

Listen: Run the Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1"

FUCK YEAH! El-P and Killer Mike have officially announced the next Run the Jewels album. The follow up to last year's stellar self-titled effort is called RTJ2, and will drop October 28 via Nas's imprint Mass Appeal. Stream "Blockbuster Night Part 1" now and try not to bob that head whilst doing so.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video: HAIM – “My Song 5” (Feat. A$AP Ferg)

HAIM’s “My Song 5″ remix featuring A$AP Ferg  gets the video treatment  this morning after much buzz surrounding the shoot. The humorous video features SNL star Vanessa Bayer playing a daytime talk-show hostess but viewers might also recognize  guest appearances from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Kesha, Grimes, and of course Ferg and the HAIM ladies themselves. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Listen: Odesza – “Say My Name” (feat. Zyra)

On September 7th Seattle’s Odesza will be releasing their sophomore LP, In Return via Counter Records. As is usually the case leading up to these things fans recently got a taste of the new material with “Memories That You Call;” Today we got some more magic to share with you in the form of “Say My Name” which  features the vocal styling’s of Zyra, stream it now from below…

Listen: Death From Above 1979 - "Government Trash"

Death from Above 1979 are back in full force. Besides a new overdue sophomore LP, titled The Physical World, the band will also be embarking on a world tour which saw its first warm-up date Last night in Los Angeles. According to reports the Canadian duo handed out CD’s featuring another new track to those who attended; and because we live in a day and age where someone can fart out an idea in the Congo with the expectations it will be received in New York within seconds, fans who couldn't make it to the gig can now also stream “Government Trash” from below...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Listen: Captain Murphy - "Cosplay"

Cancel Christmas! Captain Murphy, Flying Lotus’ hip hop alter ego, returns to the scene today with a new track titled "Cosplay." The tune will be available for free on August 18th or right now if you have any idea how the internet works.

Happy Friday!: “Satan Is My Tour Manager”


"Penis' phallic symbols and stuff…"

Listen: My Brightest Diamond – “Lover/Killer”

Lover/Killer,” is the new single from My Brightest Diamond’s upcoming album This is My Hand, out September 16 via Asthmatic Kitty Records. Like her previous work the track is grounded in theatrical pop not unlike Sufjan Stevens or St. Vincent who of course all share space in the same universe and have worked and toured together in the past.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Listen: The Afghan Whigs - "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (Police Cover)

When it comes to covering songs Greg Dulli and the Afghan Whigs are definitely one of the best in the business at doing so, usually adding some trademark melancholy to the tune in question. During the recording of their latest LP, Do to the Beast, they toyed around with the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” but it didn’t make the final cut. “We sort of made a demo of the song and forgot about it,” says frontman Greg Dulli. Well after a quick re-recording of the vocals the band decided to share the tune today.

Video: Arcade Fire - "You Already Know"

Arcade Fire shared the video for Reflektor's "You Already Know". It features the band performing alongside some “magical” paintings who take over vocal duties as Win films. 

Listen: Alt-J - "Every Other Freckle"

Alt-J provides yet another official sneak peak at their forthcoming sophomore LP This Is All Yours, set to drop on September 22. “Every Other Freckle,” is the third single—following ”Hunger of the Pine” and Left Hand Free;” each song thus far exploring  its own unique vibe.  This time around the drums make me picture a Native American tribe as the song starts to break down around 1:33 in. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Video: Tomahawk - "South Paw"

Tomahawk are back with a new Vincent Forcier music video for Oddfellows tune “South Paw.” The clip see’s the band member’s transformed into puppets, something that I’m kind of surprised Mike Patton and crew haven’t done before as it fits the bands sense of humor to a T.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Listen/Download: DJ Shadow – “Liquid Amber EP”

DJ Shadow has surprised fans with the release of a new free EP on his website. It's called Liquid Amber and is  comprised of  three tracks: two original songs, and one remix from Machinedrum. On his site, Shadow wrote that the EP is "an opening salvo" of forthcoming music from his new imprint, LIQUID AMBER

"Both songs were written, programmed, and mixed by myself, and they represent the forward steps I feel I’ve taken as an engineer," he also wrote. "The 'Six Days'" remix was something I asked Machinedrum to knock out as a tour weapon, and he crushed it (naturally), so I felt it deserved a proper release."

Grab the free EP from HERE.

Video: TFK! Time Lapse: Deafheaven/Pallbearer/Wreck & Reference Show Poster

It’s been a long while since I shared any sort of post related to gig poster art so why not remedy that with a ten minute time lapse video exploring the process behind TFK! Illustration, aka Mike Wohlberg’s , 6/09/2014  Philly showcase with Deafheaven, Pallbearer and Wreck & Reference.  The final piece isn’t necessarily my favorite work from the artist but it does a good job in presenting the viewer with what us graphic designers/illustrators  do when called upon, enjoy...

Listen: Youth Code - “Consuming Guilt”

Los Angeles EBM duo, Youth Code, are gearing up to release their new remix ep via Dais, on September 23rd and as a result have started to share new music with us. “Consuming Guilt” follows the dark industrial path forged by the band on their debut LP; perhaps shining a stronger light this time around on some of their influences from music's past. Bands like Ministry, NIN and Skinny Puppy come to mind but with a "modern" punk rock twist to it not unlike Leg Lifters or All Leather.

Video: Epicly Latr'd - Elissa Steamer

I usually shy away from posting older material on the blog or at least save it for Throwback Thursdays but that’s the great thing about being your own boss, you can decide the rules, and today I figured I’d do just that and throw up one of my favorite episodes of Epicly Later’d, 2012’s Ellisa Steamer profile.

I’ve probably watched most of the Epicly Later’d’s multiple times over the years and Elisa’s episode is no different in that it’s a great watch. So why highlight after the fact? I guess this is my way of aiming the spotlight on an issue that’s probably more relevant today than it has been in years, feminism.

Something in the air has changed, maybe for the first time in a long time woman are starting to celebrate each other without the approval of men and I want to believe that most people think that’s great. Woman most certainly don't need my help championing their various achievements and contributions to society but what I can help shine a light on are the woman of counterculture, those who are a minority in a scene made up of minorities.

Hopefully readers get the sense that I do this anyways without the need to highlight it these last three plus years but as always there will be unsung heroes.

For every prime- time news report on the Kacy Catanzaro’s out there there are woman doing equal or greater things with no fanfare what so ever. No division 1 athletic advantages, no sponsorships, and most certainly no support from the mainstream media. Even the powerhouse feminist forums like Jezebel tend to focus on the most vanilla of vanilla in their pop culture reporting, offering a much needed woman’s point of view on topics that unfortunately are as tired as the stereotypes they fight to break. Do we really need another blurb on Beyonce? Speaking for myself I don’t and while some fight to get a female led superhero movie made I’d prefer to see interesting things come out of the movement rather than female driven versions of tiered “men’s staples.” 

So with that here is Vice’s Epicly Later’d profile on skater Elissa Stemaer, watch it, get inspired and go do something interesting and different from your norm.

Part 1 looks at the first female pro skater ever, speaking to her from her home about her Toy Machine years from Jamie Thomas, Mike Maldonado, Brian Anderson, and Chad Muska.


In Part 2, we hear more about what it was like for the best girl skater in the world to hang out in an all-dudes world.


In Part 3 we find our heroine fully confident in her role as a pro skateboarder. When she was not breaking boards, she was breaking hearts, as illustrated by the love ballad a young skater penned in her honor. Elissa also decides to leave Toy Machine and joins the controversial, but talented, Bootleg team.


In the last part of the Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd series Elissa explains what "life after skate" is like and how surfing may actually be the key to her future.

Video: Swoon - "From Street Art to High Art"

Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, started her career as a street artist, but leapfrogged to museums and galleries. Now she has expanded her work to include installation and performance art, often with an activist bent.  In the short video below Caledonia shares some thoughts on her most recent work and gets personal discussing life and death and how it has affected her recent pieces. There is also a charming story about the MOMA reaching out to her that keeps things equally lite and fun this morning.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: /ˈjedˌīak/ - "Don't Bring The Boy" (Casey Veggies vs. Erik Hassle)

Another week, another exclusive remix from my vault to share with you. This one sees Casey Veggies’ “The Boy finding it’s way into Erik Hassle’s “Don’t Bring Flowers” for an up-tempo affair; I call it “Don’t Bring The Boy.” Stream, share and download from below...

/ˈjedˌīak/ - Don't Bring The Boy (Casey Veggies vs. Erik Hassle)
Casey Veggies - "The Boy" vs. Erik Hassle - "Don't Bring Flowers"
Recorded July 2014 in LIC, NY
138.00 BPM Key Am
Design By Jediak

Video: Alt-J – “Left Hand Free”

I shared an audio stream of alt-J’s  “Left Hand Free” a month ago and as the band nears the release date of their sophomore LP, This Is All Yours, an accompanying video has made its way onto the internet today. The Ryan Staake directed-visuals capture a group of friends enjoying the summer, look for the LP to drop on September 22nd.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Listen: Celebration - "Chariot"

Wow it’s like the early two thousands all over again with music news this week. First the Blood Brothers announce a reunion show in NYC and now Baltimore’s original two piece band, Celebration, are back, albeit with a new larger lineup. Now working with Bella Union, Celebration's forthcoming full length 'Albumin' will be released on August 18th and is a further exploration of punk, soul and psychedelia, check out “Chariot” below as well as the campy infomercial for a game that will be included with pre-orders of the new LP.