Friday, November 30, 2012

Video: Tomahawk - "Stone Letter"

Almost two months ago we heard our first new material from super group Tomahawk, the musical project consisting of Duane Dennison (The Jesus Lizard,Unsemble), Trevor Dunn (FantomasMelvins Lite), Mike Patton (Faith No MoreMondo Cane) and John Stanier (BattlesHelmet). The song was “Stone letter”, the lead single from the bands forth LP, due out shortly and entitled Oddfellows, and we now have a set of visuals to go along with it that is composed of live footage from various performances.

Danny Brown - "Grown UP" " (oOoOO remix)

San Francisco’s oOoOO has been pretty quiet as of late but returned today with this absolutely killer remix of Danny Brown’s “Grown Up, implementing some of his spooky trademark sounds and change-up's. Hopefully this starts a wave of some new original material from the producer in 2013.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Video: Flying Lotus – “Tiny Tortures”

After revealing himself as the mysterious Captain Murphy last night via his first live performance at the Lo End Theory and releasing a deluxe edition of the incredible Duality mixtape, Flying Lotus is having a great week. Less than 24 hours later the man of many talents dropped a new video for Until The Quiet Comes track “Tiny Tortures”. The gorgeous, nightmarish video stars Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood and was directed by David Lenandowsky.

BONUS: Making Of...

Throwback Thursday’s: The History of Atari

Today marks the 40 year anniversary of my generation’s first popular gaming console, the Atari. Founded in 1972 by engineers Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, Atari was a pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and home computers. Atari is even where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple got their start. I actually still have my original console alongside a dozen or so game cartridges back at the home I grew up in and probably will never get rid of it. All I can think looking at the photo above is that it would be pretty awesome if a modern age game console was designed with a wood finish instead of the clunky cheap plastic that has dominated product design for almost three decades.  Whatever the case, in celebration of the anniversary this week’s Throwback Thursday is a make-shift documentary about the history of the gaming console, exploring the rise and fall of the one-time giant.  Grab some popcorn and a comfy chair because it’s an hour and a half long but well worth your time if you are a life-long vidiot like myself, and if you’re not?  It’s at least worth a couple minutes of your time to fast forward to the end to watch the crazy Star Wars game ad.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Download: Captain Murphy -"Duality" Deluxe Edition

Mystery rapper Captain Murphy (revealed as Flying Lotus) just dropped a deluxe edition of his stellar mixtape Duality, and if you needed an excuse to grab it a second time, the package includes separated tracks, tons of artwork, instrumentals and a bonus track. Download it all HERE or HERE.

Track-listing with Producer info:
01: Disciples
02: El Topo (Prod. Alejandro Jodorowsky)
03: Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Prod. Flying Lotus)
04: The Ritual (Prod. Just Blaze and Jeremiah Jae)
05: Between Friends Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Prod. Flying Lotus)
06: Children of the Atom (Prod. Madlib and Flying Lotus)
07: Jalapeños (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
08: Gloe (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
09: The Killing Joke (Prod. Flying Lotus)
10: Hovercrafts and Cows (Prod. Flying Lotus)
11: Gone Fishing Ft. Jeremiah Jae (Prod. Flying Lotus)
12: Drive Thru (Prod. SAMIYAM)
13: Immaculation Ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae
14: The Prisoner (Prod. Teebs)
15: ___BONUS Shake Weight (Prod. TNGHT)

Bonus Song:
X - Innocence 2

Instrumental Bonus Songs:
14: Personalities
15 The Idea

Go Buy This: Hydra Head Records - Massive Sale of Test Pressings, Original Artwork, etc.

This past September, seminal underground hardcore and metal label Hydra Head announced they’d be shutting down their operations after 20 years as mainstays in the scene. Head honcho Aaron Turner, who also played with the now defunct ISIS, released a statement about that decision  in which he detailed the reasons behind it and laid out a plan for the label moving forward. Hydra Head is now organizing massive sale of gems ranging from the small and accessible (stickers, pins, etc), to the large and costly (lots of 150+ rare records and test pressings, musical instruments, original artwork, 7″ box sets, etc), and a whole lot in between (t-shirts, subscriptions to future vinyl represses, box lots of highly discounted CDs and even a trip to Disney Land! It’s gift giving season so you might be able to find something very unique and special for that friend of yours who’s into anyone of the many great bands that released material through the label over the years. Check it all out HERE.

Video: Hot Sugar Featuring Haleek Maul – “I Don’t Wanna B Judged”

After sharing a video from Nick Koening’s Hot Sugar project a couple weeks back the New York beat maker dropped the latest set of  visuals for his collaboration with Haleek Maul entitled “I Don't Wanna B Judged.” The witty video works largely on the strength of its unique and somewhat odd subjects and a clever device; each scene is tied together by a television screen in the background playing what will be the next scenario in the dynamic audiovisual story.  The video was directed by Martin Anderson and Efrén Hernández and features a Kitty Pryde cameo as well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Go Buy This: Slayer Holiday Sweater

Tis the season and part of this season are tacky holiday sweaters. Why not spend this year wearing one representing everyone’s favorite 80’s metal mainstays, Slayer. Ebay might be your only avenue at landing the quickly sold-out sweater at this point, but really, who can put a price on a x-mas sweater bearing pentagrams and skulls.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Download/Listen: Death Grips // 42ghosts – “TRIPLE EX MILITARY” (Full LP)

42 Ghosts are a bit of a mystery, at the moment we know that the project consist of two people and not much more but that doesn’t stop their free album, composed of eleven Death Grips remixes, from being a real treat. You can stream the whole thing below and download it in exchange for your email address. 

Video: HAIM – “Don’t Save Me”

HAIM might not even have an album to their name yet but that hasn’t stopped the sisters from releasing a steady flow of material, today we got their latest video in the form of “Don’t Save Me” where the ladies strut their stuff on a basketball court. You can pre-order their forthcoming 10" at Neon Gold Records (US) & Rough Trade (UK) out Dec. 10th

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Video/Download: Chromatics – “Cherry”

The Chromatics return with another slice of their trade mark dark synth-pop in “Cherry,” which is another hazy sounding nighttime tune the band has become so well known for. Look for “Cherry” and more first-class work from the band on the forthcoming Italians Do It Better compilation album After Dark 2 due out in the very near future.

Filmed by long time collaborator Alberto Rossini while Recording In Montreal (April 2011) & In Chromatics' House In Portland.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Listen: Wu Lyf - “T R I U M P H”

Well that was a short-lived project.

Last night Manchester indie rock band Wu Lyf (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation) uploaded a new song to YouTube, titled "T R I U M P H" with a long message where each band member described how this was the end of the group. With one excellent full length to their name Wu Lyf will most certainly be missed if they have in fact called it quits. Listen to “T R I U M P H” below and take a gander at each member’s message.

“By the time I wrote this I was all ready gone. You know you aint got nothing but time, but time isn't an infinite currency I want to see wasted. If this is our last month living, apocalypse looming, I am not going to spend my final hours waiting in purgatory. I am done. There is nothing here that inspires/ interests me beyond the emptiness for dreams. and I don't want to spend my life asleep; dreaming of a....

Wake up! We stay safe/ everything is golden/ in this place.

WU LYF is dead to me. The sincerity of "Go tell fire" was lost in the bull shit of maintaining face in the world we live. Clap your hands chimp everybody's watching. A year spent losing faith; Innocence lost wide eyes see clear the dark. There's blood running down streets of every city in the world, what's a song to do, pretend it mean everything/nothing to you. Another distraction from the world we live. I and I struggle for a based positivity; Get free or die trying; J C Hung him self up for the easy way out. so Broken Mama Cita be kind to me.

P E O are P L E the world over. Your beautiful and strange, and I love you. But The Great Longings calling and I'm young and free enough to try and answer.

Ellery James Roberts

I am gone. This isn't the end. This is the begging.
We done business to be as free as we want to be; I'm exercising this freedom. Manchester and the life we maintaining is leaving me empty. It is a beautiful/ incredible/ insane world we live and I'm done walking round in baby step circles in a self involved bubble. WU LYF isn't that important. So go do what you want to do. If you wanna play together, Play! your talented musicians so don't waste that. I am bored of the most challenging thing in WU LYF being deluding myself of its relevance. Dirty free, as that show ended it concreted my decision that a change has to come. "Be the change you want to see" said a wise old man.
I'm going to keep on doing what I do; if the time comes in the future where we all truly want to collaborate on something then that door is always going to be open; I have nothing but love for you all.

But I want to live life that's true to me.

Stay safe
your Brother from another mother...

Download/Listen: Nacho Picasso – “Black Narcissus” Mixtape

Nacho Picasso retuned with a new free mixtape yesterday for Black Friday, appropriately titled Black Narcissus. After releasing three consecutive albums in partnership with BlueSky Black Death Nacho switches things up and delivers his signature deadpan rhymes filled with pop culture references over woozy beats that come curtsey of RaisedBy Wolves and Eric G.  Listen to it and grab it below...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Video: KAWS on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

As previously reported artist Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS will join the balloon line-up of the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  ARTINFO visited KAWS in his Brooklyn studio and talked about his preparation for the parade.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Video: Mr. MFN eXquire - “The Message Pt. 1 & 2″

Mr. MuthafuckineXquire dropped his  Power & Passion ep this week  and as you may recall we shared a stream of fantastic Blue Sky Black Death produced joint called "The Message Pt. 1 & 2″  earlier in the month and now the tune has a set of visuals to go with it curtsey of a major labels marketing dollars.  The video features the emcee in Africa during the first half, and on Al Jazeera TV in the second.

Happy Friday!: Rat Tail

Rattail (haircut)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"A rattail is a hair style that is characterized by a long "tail"-like element of hair growing downward from the back of the head. The rattail usually curls naturally; however, it can be braided, treated as a dread, permed, straightened, or curled with an iron. In some instances, an individual might choose to grow several tails as opposed to a single very long tail.
The rattail saw a brief period of mainstream popularity during the 1980s and has rapidly fallen out of vogue.However, it has recently seen renewed popularity."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Video: Tame Impala - "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

There is a sweet new 2D animated video for the new Tame Impala track, "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" of their latest album, Lonerism.  The video consists of over 1000 hand painted plasticine collages, created by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.

The amount of work to create this is pretty impressive.  Check out Becky & Joe's site to see more of their work and some behind the scenes images from the making of the video.

Video: Hot Sugar Featuring Heems - “56K”

A fitting video for Nick Koening’s Hot Sugar project. The glitchy “56K,” from the New York beat makers recently released MiDi Murder ep, features Heems’ pop culture rhymes in a sweet pixelated visual pay day directed by Steamclam Media Empire. You can still download the ep for free if you missed it some weeks back.

Throwback Thursday’s: “Lonny Breaux Collection”(AKA Frank Ocean)

Odd Future member Frank Ocean has had a big big year, his first commercial LP, ChannelORANGE, saw much critical and commercial success so I figured  for this week’s Throwback Thursday why not throw up Franks pre Nostalgia Ultra era music when he went by the name of Lonny Breaux. The Collection below which I split into two separate download links consists of 64 unreleased tracks. You’re welcome, and enjoy!

LINK 1: 1-31
LINK 2: 32-64

Go Buy This: Etón BoostTurbine2000 (Hand Cranked Backup Power for Smartphones)

Here is something that will come in handy to all those New Yorker’s next time a hurricane hits the city. BoostTurbine2000 by Etón is a rechargeable backup battery pack for mobile devices that is charged by a hand crank generator. One minute of winding provides enough power for a 30 second phone call. When the pack is fully charged it can fully charge most smartphones. BoostTurbine2000 is available at Amazon but you should check out the wide range of products Etón have available for your doomsday needs.

Video: Thomas Brown and Anna Burns – “POP POP BANG”’

Thomas Brown and Anna Burns fed their obsession with classic B movies by creating an homage video called "POP POP BANG". But here is where things get interesting.  Rather than recreating scenes in a traditional manner, they instead transferred stills onto umbrellas, opening them up one by one to reveal the final image. The A-team one that comes in at two minutes is pretty great. 

Listen/Download: Captain Murphy – “Duality Mixtape”

Been a big week for free mixtapes as we get yet another one, this time from Captain Murphy, who we first heard on Flying Lotus‘ “Between Friends” with Earl Sweatshirt. The mystery man(Tyler The Crteator?) made his album debut today as promised with Duality. The truly excellent collection features the pitch-shifting MC spitting drug-induced lyrics over beats from the likes of TNGHTthe Alchemist, Madlib and others with guest appearances coming from Azizi GibsonJeremiah Jae and more. You can stream the epic 35-minute audiovisual experience,  that was created by Xavier Magot, and is most certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK, over at Murphy’s website.


Download/Listen: Action Bronson & The Alchemist - "Rare Chandeliers Mixtape"

As previously reported Action Bronson and  the Alchemist got together and recorded  a new mixtape entitled Rare Chandeliers which is now available to DOWNLOADFourteen tracks made it on to Rare Chandeliers, featuring noir-funk and deep-jazz beats.  The album also features guest appearances from Schoolboy Q, Roc Marciano, Evidence, Styles P. and more.

Rare Chandeliers track listing:
1. Big Body Bes Intro
2. Rare Chandeliers
3. The Symbol
4. Sylvester Lundgren Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner
5. Randy The Musical
6. Demolition Men Feat. Schoolboy Q
7. Eggs On The Third Floor
8. Modern Day Revelations Feat. Roc Marciano
9. Dennis Haskins
10. Bitch I Deserve You Feat. Evidence
11. Gateway To Wizardy Feat. Styles P
12. Bathtub 8 Feat. Deep
13. Blood Of The Goat Feat. Big Twin & Sean Price
14. Mike Vick

UPDATE 12/21/2012:
An extended version of the mixtape got released today with 4 extra tracks, grab it HERE.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download/Listen: Heems – “Wild Water Kingdom” Mixtape

Well after several delays Das Racist’s Heems returns with a brand new solo mixtape, Wild Water Kingdom. This one has guest  appearances  from Safe, Childish Gambino and Lakutis and production from the likes of Mike Finito, Steel Tipped Dove, Beautiful Lou, Shaleik, BLKHRTS and more. Grab it below...


Listen: Autre Ne Veut – “Counting”

Continuing with the onslaught of "bedroom" R&B that we have heard over the last 24 months comes some quality music from Arthur Ashin, aka Autre Ne Veu ,who is gearing up to release his sophomore LP in February entitled Anxiety via Mexican Summer imprint, Software.  Some might hear a little How To Dress Well if a comparison has to be made, the two have actually toured together in the past. “Counting” is the first single from the record and is lyrically based on phone calls Ashin had with his dying grandmother. 

Listen/Video: Angel Haze & Lunice – “Gimme That”

Rapper Angel Haze and one half of electronic duo, TNGHT, Lunice, teamed up for a new tune by the name of “Gimme That”  The duo came together via the folks at Yours Truly and the results are both a video of their process and a stream of the completed track.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Listen: ∆ alt-J feat. Mountain Man – “Buffalo”

∆ alt-J unveiled a new track that’s part of the soundtrack for Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell's new film. It's called "Buffalo", features Mountain Man, and can be streamed below…

Video: Björk – “Mutual Core”

News on artists seems to come in pairs now days as the trend has been I post something and not 24 hours later something new and relevant appears from the very same artist. Today’s example comes from Björk who’s remix album was shared in full yesterday only to see a brand new video from the Icelandic singer pop up today.  The visuals for Biophilia's "Mutual Core" were directed by Andrew Thomas Huang (who also did the artwork for the Biophilia remix album) and see’s Björk in a sand pit, surrounded by colorful rocky creature’s shape-shifting and exploding around her.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Listen: HAIM – “Send Me Down”

A new tune from HAIM that acts as the flipside to the recent shared single “Don’t Save Me” we posted back in October. “Send Me Down” features some pounding percussion and what sounds like some ominous brass, great stuff...


Listen: Björk – Bastards (Full LP Stream)

On November 19, Björk's Biophilia remix album, Bastards, featuring work by some Onomatopoeia favorites like Death GripsHudson Mohawke and These New Puritans will be released via One Little Indian. The compilation collects previously released remix singles in one neat and tidy package. Listen to it now below…


Listen: Evans – “The Odds” (Full LP Stream)

On November 20, Ian MacKaye will release a record from his latest band, the Evens, his collaboration with former Warmers drummer/vocalist Amy Farinao on Dischord .The record, titled The Odds, follows their 2006 full-length Get Evens.  The album was recorded this summer at Inner Ear with Don Zientara and you can hear the whole thing in full right now via NPR HERE or below. It’s worth noting that the sillouette on the cover is MacKaye and Farina's son Carmine, full track list below…

Track Listing:
01 King of Kings
02 Wanted Criminals
03 I Do Myself
04 Warble Factor
05 Sooner or Later
06 Wonder Why
07 Competing With the Till
08 Broken Finger
09 Architects Sleep
10 Timothy Wright
11 This Other Thing
12 Let's Get Well
13 KOK

Video: Purity Ring - "Lofticries"

Electronic duo, Purity Ring, have shared the latest video from their 2012 debut album, Shrines. "Lofticries" follows a series of characters that all encounter their own unique surreal moment. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video: The Coup – “Your Parents’ Cocaine”

Oakland’s The Coup dropped a great video for “Your Parents’ Cocaine” from their recently released LP, Sorry To Bother You. Rich-kid puppets doing lines of cocaine and partying like idiots with no consequences while the kazoo-led track plays in the background, complete with a bouncing ball sing along, comes courtesy of Eat The Fish

Video: Kate Boy - "Northern Lights"

Kate Boy consists of three Swedes and one Australian who have apparently been handling production duties for other artists for quite a while now, only recently deciding it was time to launch their own project, and we are all better for it. "Northerns Lights" is their first official track and it lands in the same world as one of my all time favorites, and fellow Swedes, The Knife. The sound of watery bouncy synths and a commanding hardline beat make this dark electro-pop song very memorable and leaves me wanting more, to top it off the visuals that were directed by Sikow and animated by Oskar Gullstrand are top notch too.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Listen: Big Boi – “Lines” Featuring A$AP Rocky & Phantogram

On December 11, Big Boi will released a follow up to the excellent Sir Lucious Left Foot, in the form of Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, via Def Jam. Check out the spacey "Lines", which features both A$AP Rocky and Phantogram, it’s clear Big Boi has still got it.


Listen: Highlights from The “Breaking Dawn 2” OST – Passion Pit, Feist, St. Vincent

The Twilight franchise has somehow managed to round up quality talent for their soundtracks and with the final installment due out this holiday season we get yet another first rate line up of artists providing tunes for the popular film franchise.  Check out some highlights from the likes of Passion Pit,  Feist, and St. Vincent

Video: Sufjan Stevens - "Silver & Gold"

Here's the second video from Sufjan Stevens' upcoming Christmas collection, Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10. The clip for title track, "Silver & Gold"  is made up of old home-video footage of a little boy (Sufjan's nephew, Gavin) running and playing on a beach and reminds me of music from his Illinois period.

Video: 212 Interview with Futura

In this short interview with Futura courtesy of 212, the legendary graffiti writer talks everything NYC from what his favorite era was to what neighborhood is up and coming.  On a humorous note apparently ice skating used to be the cool thing to do to pick up the ladies.  The artist also discusses his recent collaborationwith Hennessy and his relationship with his kids. 

Video: WIFE – “Trails”

Yesterday we shared a new mix from recent Tri Angle signee WIFE and today as luck would have it a new video dropped from his forthcoming Stoic EP, out next week on Left Bank. The abstract video is made up of James Kelly’s own footage of sea anemones shot during his studies some years back at university and giving the video a vaguely menacing ambiance, as he sings and bellows "A trial is not an act of…/ The guilt is not an act of…" amongst rumbling bass and warm synth static.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Listen: The Weeknd – “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)”

After a buffet of posts featuring the Weeknd this week we figured it was only right to share what is the final bonus track from Abel’s Trilogy release due out on November 13th via Universal/Republic. Stream “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)” below…


Listen/Video: Lana Del Rey - "Ride" SOHN Remix + "Bel Air" Video

Lana Del Rey remixes are a pretty common thing now days but when a new favorite of ours SOHN decides to give it a go we figured we have to post it. Here he tackles Ms. Rey's  Born To Die Paradise Edition highlight "Ride," setting the songstress’s vocals up with a backdrop of synths, analog drums and heavy bass. It gives the tune a completely different feel.


BONUS: While we are at it here is Lana's latest video for Paradise Edition Bonus track "Bel Air" The Youtube descriptions says

"-i lost my reputation, i forgot my truth. But i have my beauty and i have my youth.

'TROPICO' the film, coming next year"

Listen/Download: WIFE–“ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast”

Sticking with the Tri Angle roster we also have a new mix from James Kelly aka WIFE who is gearing up to release his début ep for the label next week with Stoic. James made his name in music as a member of Irish black metal band Altar of Plagues but like many black metal artists also finds comfort in producing electronic music. WIFE's mood and feel is most certainly on the darker, droney, side of things than your average club banger is as is evidence in the eclectic 46-minute mix he did for ClashMusic that you can stream and download below…

DJ Mix Tracklisting:
GOD - Fucked
Tangerine Dream - Birth of Liquid Plejades
LowLife - A Sullen Sky
Rachel Grimes -Every Morning
Steve Reich - Pulses
Portal - Larvae
Wilderness - Post Plethoric Rhetoric
1991 - Open to the Dark
Ami Dang - Treasure
Pom Pom - Untitled (19 A)
Ambivalent & Alexi Delano - Lights Down
Shifted - Leather
Drake - Make Me Proud
Ango - True Blue
Julianna Barwick - Envelop
Chasing Voices - Acid Bathory
The Prodigy - Break and Enter

Listen/Download: Evian Christ - "No Experiences Mix"

UK producer Joshua Leary, aka Evian Christ shared a new mix he did for Forty Ounce Clothing. The 20-minute mix featuring Tri Angle label mate Vessel and an Evian Christ remake of "Holographic" by Arclight.



Throwback Thursday’s: “Mass Destruction Tokyo ”

This isn’t the first time we have featured artist Barry McGee on our Throwback Thursday feature. This rare film by Cheryl Dunn shows Barry at a demolition derby in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2001. Shot in 16 mm this special cut of the cars being painted and the derby footage has never before been available online until now. The film also features another Onomatopoeia favorite, Ed Templeton and will mostly appeal to  fans of bay area painter. 

Video: The Weeknd featuring Drake - "The Zone"

This week has seen an unparalleled amount of posts on the Weeknd , when it rains it pours I guess. The latest post related to the R&B group is a new video for the Drake and Abel Tesfaye collaboration known as “The Zone” which of course appeared on the Weeknd’s Thursday mixtape. The clip was directed by Tesfaye.