Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Video: Lee Ranaldo - "Hammer Blows"

A couple months ago Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth put out a solo album Between the Times and the Tides (Matador Records) to somewhat of a quiet release.  It didn't get too much attention but had some really beautiful songs on there including "Hammer Blows".  He had meant to create a video for it and conceptualized white snow blanking everything and the solemness of winter, unfortunately NYC did not have one of those winters, so it was shelved.

Instead Ranaldo decided to create an impromptu video in the middle of the night via candlelight while sitting in his darkened apartment in Manhattan.  Hurricane Sandy had just rolled through and most of downtown New York sat without power.  The overall effect is pretty serene and definitely achieves the solemness he was looking for.


Lee Ranaldo & J Mascis - "Albatross" (Fleetwood Mac cover)

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