Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Listen: Twilight - "Lungs"

It’s been a great day for posts with the latest coming from black metal super group Twilight. Strangely enough I was discussing the group last Saturday with my friend Kris without any knowledge that this was coming out. Check out their second LP from 2010 entitled Monument To Time End, it's a monster of a record if you haven't already!

For those unfamiliar Twilight has had an ever-evolving lineup with each release and in 2012 added  Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame to the army. Unfortunately this will be the last record from the collective  with news of their new album—III: Beneath Trident's Tomb, out on March 18 via Century Media.

III features Moore, Stavros Giannopoulos (Atlas Moth), Wrest (Leviathan), N. Imperial (Krieg), and producer Sanford Parker. Get a taste of the 6 track LP below with "Lungs."

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