Monday, April 14, 2014

New Banksy Work

Banksy has shared some new work; the first piece REALLY speaks to me as I absolutely detest everyone’s current love affair with their mobile device.  Try living in the moment and enjoying the company of those that you are actually surrounded by. I know we are all very busy in 2014 and need to be on call just like a doctor, you know because if someone can't reach you to ask where to file that report they might actually have to figure it out for themselves; and of course there is the constant checking of stock reports, fantasy league teams, Candy Crush and Instagram accounts that need your undivided attention but YEAH, NO, FUCK OFF ALREADY! 

The second piece popped up in Gloucestershire, in close proximity to the U.K.'s equivalent of the NSA. and features three characters that look like old school spies listening in on a phone booth, not unlike big brother does in real life.

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