Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Video: Looking 4 Galt

The name Galt MacDermot may not ring a bell but you are undoubtedly familiar with his work.

Hair is the most popular Musical of all time, It has been translated in every language and staged all over the world, generating pyramids of money, still nothing? Ok, how about Busta Rhymes‘ “Woo hah!!” or what about “Down With The King” by Run-DMC? Even MF DOOM‘s Special Herbs tracks “Pennyroyal,” “Cinqfoil” and “Hyssop?” All these tunes sample from the legendary, reclusive Canadian composer who lives an intensely private life somewhere in New York. He has never given any interview and seems to ignore the cult following going on around him.

With the help of Pete RockPrince PaulBuckwildDa BeatminerzStatik SelectahDJ Whoo KidBill Adler, and more,  Gasface were able to put together a humorous yet appreciative look at the man really behind some of hip-hop’s classics in this 2012 documentary that most people probably missed the first time ‘round. 

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