Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Listen: HEALTH - "Tears"

Man oh man have I been waiting for this to drop ever since it was announced some months back. Los Angles noise band HEALTH created the score for Rockstar Games latest blockbuster franchise release, Max Payne 3, which drops today. If you have seen the onslaught of commercials for the game on TV and are a HEALTH fan like me than it goes without saying that the 2 minutes of “Tears” have been a very big tease and left you wanting more. Available today via iTunes, you can download the single tune for a dollar, or for the gamers out there, as part of the special edition packaging of the game which includes the score in its entirety. It’s a pretty breathtaking tune in my opinion and having not heard the full album yet makes we want more.  For those who don’t want to shell out a full $100 just to get the score (maybe you aren’t a gamer) have no fear as it will be available in its entirety on May 23rd via iTunes and in the future as a physical vinyl release. Unfortunately I don’t know the details of the vinyl drop yet or even how long the score clocks in at but you can be sure I will feverishly continue to track down the info and share it with our readers. For now enjoy all 4 plus minutes of lead song “Tears” below….

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