Monday, April 29, 2013

Video: “The Cuban Skateboard Crisis”

What we got here is an older yet still fantastic documentary on Cuba’s struggling and often challenging skateboard scene.

While most skaters don’t have to deal with these kinds of absurd set backs, Cubans must pursue their passion under strict embargos that make even obtaining a board a challenge.  In the 16-minute film you hear downright heartbreaking stories of skaters sometimes waiting up to five months to get a new deck, often resulting in makeshift repairs of damaged gear to make due. While competitions in Cuba don’t offer the dream of a pro-sponsorship or world wide travel (something that is pretty much unobtainable in their situation) the promises of a new deck alone is motivation enough, and pretty much their only legitimate source of obtaining one. Yet despite the major handicap the local scene has produced some talent and Cuba’s skaters remain optimistic and a happy people making the best of what they have been given, inspiring stuff to say the least. Check out the by Phil Brown directed piece below and If you would like to help the Cuban skaters, there’s a shop in Germany who has set up a fund called

Video: “The Cuban Skateboard Crisis”

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