Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Listen/Download: David Yow - "The Itch"

Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard's, frontman David Yow will be releasing his first solo LP after 7 stone cold classics with his former band.  Entitled, Tonight You Look Like A Spider, the record is due out June 25th via Joyful Noise recordings.

Yow started working with Mike Patton way back in the late 90’s before the Jesus Lizard even broke up. Yow explains:

I rented a saxophone for 2 months, I borrowed some guitars and some drums, I rummaged through the kitchen, I squeezed a fat cat, I poked and prodded and ended up with my very own music. It’s real good, if you like that kind of shit. I named it Tonight You Look Like A Spider after a spider I saw one night.

Joyful Noise recordings will release three different versions of Tonight You Look Like A Spider: a regular black vinyl version, a deluxe version limited to 450 hand-numbered copies on grey/black vinyl with white splatter, and a version that comes with an actual slab of cement handmade by Yow himself (which sold out pretty quickly)

With the Deluxe “Monolith” Vinyl Edition edition ($150, limited to 50), each order is “handmade, hand-numbered, signed, and shipped directly to purchasers from Yow.

Pre-order HERE. And have your first taste of the LP via “The Itch

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