Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Listen: The Knife – “Shaking The Habitual” Full LP Stream

The Knifes highly anticipated fourth album, and first in seven years, Shaking the Habitual, is now streaming in full one week ahead of its official release date (April 9th via Mute).

The duo all but ditch the electro pop sound of 2006’s unstoppable “Silent Shout” and follow the formula introduced in their 2010 Tomorrow, In A Year score.  The album is filled with long stretches of melody-free movements heavy on the art and less concerned with any sort of commercial attributions or humor. Unlike Tomorrow though The Knife’s latest does so with an harsh thunderous bang rather than the quiet and gentle organic palette used in the avant-garde Danish opera. That being said fans shouldn’t be too concerned as Shaking The Habitual is a record that has a little bit of The Knife of old, a little Fever Ray and even a splice of Oni Ayhun but at the same time is a new exhilarating sound that will equally excite you as their older material did the first time you heard it.  The tracklist spans 13 songs running 90-minutes in length. Check it out HERE or below...

Shaking the Habitual Tracklist:
01. A Tooth for an Eye (6:04)
02. Full of Fire (9:17)
03. A Cherry on Top (8:43)
04. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (5:14)
05. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (4:36)
06. Crake (0:55)
07. Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized (19:22)
08. Raging Lung (9:58)
09. Networking (6:42)
10. Oryx (0:37)
11. Stay Out Here (10:42)
12. Fracking Fluid Injection (9:54)
13. Ready to Lose (4:36)

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