Monday, October 7, 2013

Banksy Hits NYC Part 5 & 6

Day five and six of Banksy’s month long residency on the streets of NY occurred this weekend and Bristol’s finest kept things both fun and unique. Day five gave us an installation piece that see’s the back of a freight truck transformed into a magical secret garden of sorts. The truck will be out and about NY every night for the month throughout October so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to dial the toll free number included for some extra laughs.

1800.656.4271 #

Day six switched up things a bit as the piece was viewable as a video work only and not on the actual streets of NYC. Banksy introduced the clip with a msg of no new street work would be shared on Sunday due to the shocking footage captured and shared in the Youtube vid below; this one is perhaps my favorite of the bunch so far and possibly acts as a clue to which area will next be hit up.


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