Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Banksy Hits NYC Part 22

Day 22 of Banksy’s “Better Out than In” a month long street art residency taking place in New York and Tuesday brought us a bit of an odd re-working/homage of the great Sphinx pyramid that rests in Gaza Egypt.   It was only a matter of hours before the owner of the Queens auto-glass shop had the piece removed from his property and sold to a gallery who made an offer he clearly could not refuse. 

 “No Turn Unstoned” and is roughly a 1/36 scale replica of the Sphinx and is made from smashed cinderblocks.

UPDATE: 10/23/2013 Banksy just released a statement saying that today's piece is canceled due to police activity. A joke, for real or perhaps The B-man just needed a days rest?

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