Monday, October 14, 2013

Banksy Hits NYC Part’s 12 & 13

Weekend Banksy fun here in NYC for the month long street art show “Better Out than In.” So far the Sunday editions have been the best for me and October 13th was no different but first let’s check out Saturday’s work which made some good use of the existing environment in Manhattan with “Concrete Confessional.”

Sunday was some next level creativity as Banksy decided to set up a stall outside of Central Park selling some of his most iconic images on canvas’s for $60 a pop. That’s right originals for 60 bucks a pop. What was the catch? No advertising or fanfare was given to the stall or its location and with it hardly any sales. By the days end a little over $450 worth of canvas’s had been sold, perhaps the greatest commentary he could have made on the commercial art movement, Do people only buy the famed artist's pieces because of the value associated with them?

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