Friday, December 6, 2013

Video: Daft Punk – “Behind The Helmets” & "Instant Crush"

A handful of Daft Punk goodies to share this morning starting off with a five minute documentary of sorts presented by Mixmag and Olmeca Tequila that looks at the conception, design and development of Daft Punk’s iconic helmets. Special effects guru Tony Gardner of Alterian Inc. goes into quite a bit of detail about what it took to get the helmets together  generously sharing original concept art, insight into  inspirations, and some of the technical obstacles encountered along the way. Like many long time Daft Punk fans I’ve read my fair share about how the helmets came about and how they run but this is easily the most informative and fun one out there at the moment.

We follow things up with the latest set of visuals from the Random Access Memories LP. The Julian Casablancas fronted “Instant Crush” see's a tragic love story taking place after hours at a museum bringing back memories of 80’s film Mannequin or perhaps even more recently Night At the Museum.


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