Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Go Buy This: “Dr. Dreidels”

I usually try and drop a gift suggestion or two during the holiday season that fits thematically with the blog, today I can provide my first recommendation in the form of a Hanukkah gift for all your Jewish hip hop friends out there. Hannah Rothstein, a Bay Area artist, recently combined her love for Hip-Hop, Hanukkah and puns by designing dreidels with Dr. Dre’s likeness on them. Each side of the dreidel features a different image of Dre that was laser-etched onto the wooden canvas. The packaging also features a mirror image of Dre’s Beats logo to signify a “d” for dreidel and also acts as a good reminder how much of a whore the good Dr. has become in recent years. 

Head over to the official website for more information on the Dr. Dreidels.

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