Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thorwback Thursday's: Unsung Documentary - The Fat Boys

So I randomly decided I should listen to the first six Fat Boys albums yesterday (That's a lot of Fat Boys to Listen to in one sitting) which pretty much lead me to this week’s Throwback Thursday. I loved the Fat Boys growing up, they brought humor and fun to hip hop but more importantly they brought something that is still rare in the genre today, a sense of innocence. The Fat Boys aka The Disco 3, aka Big Buff Love, the Human Beatbox, Kool Rock Ski and Prince Markie Dee were actually pioneers in hip hop. Comparing them to rappers in 2012 is pointless as the genre went in a very different direction once Public Enemy and N.W.A. came along but along side people like  Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markee humor and beat boxing live on today with rappers like MC Frontalot, MC Paul Barman and even Childish Gambino to name but a few. TVONE’s documentary series, Unsung, tells the story of the Fat Boys including both their ups and downs, through the eyes of the surviving members, managers, producers, artists inspired and influenced by the trio, family and more. 

BONUS: Some classic Fat Boys videos…


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