Monday, August 27, 2012

Download: Blue Sky Black Death - "Aquatic Reverie" Mixtape

Seattle beat makers Blue Sky Black Death drop a treat in the form of a new mixtape entitled, Aquatic Reverie. The 14 song  instrumental tape keeps those key Blue Sky elements intact with their trademark dreamy and distant sound. Aquatic Reverie is presented by Behold The Destroyer and available now for free download.

Head over to Mediafire to download the tape.

1. Tree Tops
2. Song About The End (Delta Miror Remix)
3. Sleeping Children Are Still Flying
4. Shoot You Dead
5. Marvel
6. Chloroform
7. The Era When We Sang
8. No Image
9. Naked Lunch
10. Farewell To The Former World
11. For The Glory
12. Gold In Gold Out (Screwed)
13. Slow Years
14. Thirteen

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