Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video: Grimes - "Genesis"

"Dear girlfriends,
You are cordially invited to a road trip in the desert. No guys allowed unless we meet some random dudes on the way.

Dress Code: World of Warcraft avatars based on contemporary pop icons.  Bring weapons and pets.

Yours truly,
Grimes xxx"

Ok so I completely made that up, but that has to be the premise of this video for Grimes' "Genesis", which was teased just a few days ago.  The track is one of the many highlights off her brilliant Visions LP and I for one did not have these images in my mind while listening to it these past months, which is not to say this isn't a great video. It's yet another glimpse into Grimes' unique vision and creative mind, directed by Claire Boucher. 

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