Monday, September 10, 2012

Video: Nils Frahm (La Blogotheque & Water Sessions)

Nils Frahm is incredibly talented.  A pianist/composer from Germany, Frahm has been playing the piano since he was a child where he was taught by a former student of Tschaikowski.   He began putting out small releases years ago, but since moving to Erased Tapes Records has released a string of beautiful entrancing full length albums & EP's, including his latest Felt.  He heavily pads the piano hammers to muffle the sound and while recording buries microphones deep inside the piano and around his face to capture every scrape, breath, floorboard creak and reverberation.

His music is repetitive and extremely hypnotic, often at times feeling electronically trance like.  The following are 2 very well produced concert series featuring Frahm in which he mostly improvising.  The first is from the French site La Blogotheque, which we have featured on our page numerous times.

 The latter is from the Waterfront Sessions, a UK based site that has been releasing a number of interesting and beautifully shot shorts on their Youtube page.


Be sure to listen to a stream of Nils Frahm's latest album, Felt... thanks to The Hype Machine.  Highly Recommended.

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