Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listen: The Modern Art Notes Podcast - Barry McGee

Photo: Sibila Savage

Graffiti legend Barry McGee was featured on this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast in conjunction with his current  midcareer survey at  Berkley Art Museum (BAM). Some of the topics McGee discuss with interviewer Tyler Green include ...

-  How a street-driven artist changes when he’s in his 40s and is raising a daughter.
-  Why it is important for to make sculptures that represent the act of tagging itself.
-  How he got himself into a little bit of trouble with some freelance tagging at BAM.
-  His plans for the ads that the Berkeley Art Museum has placed on Bay Area MUNI buses.
-  The story behind his many alias'. 
-  Moving from Graffiti on the streets to contemporary art in galleries.
-  The influence of Barry's late wife, Margaret Killgallen, on his own work.

listen HERE.

Photo: Sibila Savage

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