Monday, September 3, 2012

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: Perestroika - "Dead Men Tell No Tails"

Yarrr and a happy Labor Day folks and happy anniversary to Perestroika who are a year old today. Chambaland and I are keeping busy working on a couple of bigger things at the moment but we thought it only right to drop at least one tune to celebrate the day off and our birthday. “Dead Men Tell No Tails” originally took form as part of a long play mix that’s in the pipeline but we figured we would make it into a standalone track to share with our friends and readers as summer draws to a close and fall approches. Listen and download below and let us know what you think.

Perestroika - “Dead Men Tell No Tails” 3:36
Aesop Rock - "The Harbor Is Yours" Vs. Beyonce - "Countdown"
Perestroika is Jediak & Chambaland
Recorded August 31, 2012 in LIC, NY
83.70 BPM Key Fm
Design by Jediak


  1. Yo Alex that track is hotness! I love me some Acerizzel! Seriously its a nice take on The Harbor Is Yours. Happy BBQ and beer day to you sir ;-)

  2. Cheers man, thanks for the kind words and happy BBQ day!