Friday, September 7, 2012

Video: "Distance" by Goeblins

The French are good at many a thing, but have been knocking 2 things specifically out of the park the past 20 years.... synth music & animation.  When they team the two together, wonderful things happen.  One bastion for fresh animation is the Goeblins digital-media school in Paris whose year end student shows always amaze.  One such film from this years crop is Distance created by Todd deJong, Tom Law, Wandrille Maunoury, Etienne Meois, Jonathan Vermesch and a number of other students at the school.  The music is done by Martin Sumeire.

It is a short film that utilizes some really great techniques and is hard to believe is made by such a small team. Great tripped out sequence which gets bonus points from this website.

Trio of "making of..." videos each produced by one of the seperate animators.....

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