Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Blood European Tour 2011..

Big Blood is a dark, dreamy DIY-duo (made up of Caleb Mulkerin & Colleen Kinsella... previously of Fire on Fire & Cerberus Shoal) who record, publish & distribute their own records from their house in Portland, ME. While most bands are busy battling torrents and people ripping their music, Big Blood welcomes the idea putting up their entire 10+ album catalog up for free download. The idea being you'll get hooked an order the hard copy from them each individually packaged with one of a kind screenprinted art (by Colleen). This includes CD, Vinyl and even cassette tape.

The band is known for being insanely productive putting out releases every couple months but this comes w/ the sacrafice of limited touring. This summer they will embark on a deep and rare European Tour.

2011 Tour

6/9 - Madrid, Spain @ La Faena II (with Fajardo) c/ Alfonzo Gomez No.35 callejon
6/10 - IPOP with Fausenova and Koji Kanuto, Oviedo, Fuero 4 33009 Asturias, Spain
6/11 - TBA, Spain
6/12 - Sant Feliu de Guixols, Centre Excursionita Montclar Calle Capmany 100
6/14 - Barcelona, Spain @ Moog, Arc del Teatre 3
6/15 - Foix, France ¨"Le Taychel", 09600 DUN
6/17 - Plouaret, France w/ Tom K, Shoney Baby & Loco Frenchies @ the Madhouse
6/18 - LE TERMINUS BAR78 RUE DE RIAVAL, 35000 Rennes , France w/ Tom K
6/23 - TBA France
6/24 - TBA France
6/25 - TBA, France
6/26 - Royère de Vassivière, France @ L'Atelier
7/1 - Athens, Greece @ Six dogs w/Dead Gum + Colleen Kinsella solo Art exhibition
7/2 - Thessaloniki, Greece w/ Dead Gum
7/3 - Xanthi, Greece w/ Dead Gum @ Xanthi Folk Art Museum!
7/6 - Athens, Greece w/ Dead Gum @ Eculture

More info go their blog...

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