Monday, September 5, 2011

"Garbage Pail Kids" show - Gallery1988 LA

The "Garbage Pail Kids" show went off this weekend at Gallery1988 in LA and prints and originals are up for sale on their site. There is a pretty impressive array of work and overall the show looks pretty sick. A number of artists chose to do their interpretation of actual old GPK cards, but most are original characters. A couple artists did multiple pieces in the show which is cool, but it would have been better to see a larger array of artists in the mix.

The show is still up in LA until Oct. 2 so check it out if you are out there but if you can't check out the the full show at the Gallery1988 website... originals & prints. Here are a couple..

"Handy Randy" - Glen Brogan

"Up Chuck" - Jesse Riggle

"Max Axe" - Mike Budai

"Blurry Blair" - Ryan Snook

"Anna Banana" - Alex Pardee

"Peepin' Tom" - Casey Weldon

"Michael Mutant" - Derek Deal

"Zack Unzipped" - NC Winters

"Daniel Prune" - Dan Lydersen

"Eerie Eric" - Eric Tan

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