Monday, September 5, 2011

Listen: Fare Soldi - Bullygans EP

This new EP by the Italian fun loving "frico disco" pionneers Fare Soldi (italian for  'making money') is bound to get you pointing at the ceiling and floor simultaneously while shaking ur hips from side to side.  Their sound is closer to the Ed Banger French touch than Italo Disco, which is particularly clear on the EP's first track "Buchi Nights" which is a funkier take on the Justice sound.  However, it's the second track of the "Bullygans EP" that steals the show: "Vittorino" is an addictive choppy disco number that scratches the very itch it sets off...which is a long winded way of saying that it is a rewarding listen if you stick around for the ride.  The EP will release on September 20th on Riotmaker Records.  Until then, listen to both tracks below:

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