Saturday, September 10, 2011

Listen: John Zorn - "FatCat Mix #1"

So here is something pretty random and special...We're very pleased to let you know that FatCat's latest podcast is now available. Compiled by legendary American avant-garde composer, arranger, record producer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist John Zorn, the podcast is divided into two parts (to be released over this week), made up of choice selections from his notoriously expansive record collection. As far as i know this is a first for Zorn.

Some words from John Zorn about the Podcast...

"About 30 years ago Derek Bailey invited me on a Company tour of Britain. Evan Parker, Steve Lacy, Misha Mengelberg, George Lewis, Jamie Muir, Derek and I traveled by van for 3 weeks from Brighton to Edinburgh. George Lewis (then as now always ahead of the pack) brought a walkman. The walkman changed everything. Being able to choose your own playlist and listen to it privately made traveling so much easier. The process of making a personalized "playlist" was laborious, and days were spent making mix tapes (music romances) that compiled music from all over the map. 12-16 tracks usually fit on one side of a cassette so 32 LPs/CDs were chosen from a collection and one track from each was loaded in careful sequence—the wilder the juxtaposition the better. The sequence was crucial and I learned a LOT from making these tapes. Everything you do touches your creativity and there is little doubt that these tapes informed a lot of my own composing, from the file card pieces like Spillane (long form composition as mix tape), the compositions and repertory of Naked City (band as mix tape), the Music Romance series on Tzadik (cd as mix tape) to even perhaps the more recent Masada Marathons (concert as mix tape). Today this method of listening to music is becoming more and more prominent via the iPod shuffle—but there still is nothing quite like a personalized and carefully sequenced "Music Romance." The music chosen here comes entirely from my laptop's library and contains pieces that inspire me, tracks that comfort me, music you may not be aware of and some rarities few people have heard. Please enjoy."

1. Riena (Anathema) — Värttinä
2. Anakrousis — Musique de la Grèce Antique
3. Colloquio — Lesiman
4. Sonaten ber die Misterien des Rosenkranzes — Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
5. Lonely Nightingale — Bert Kaempfert
6. Line Up — Lennie Tristano
7. Our Prayer — Beach Boys
8. Lotus Land — Cyril Scott
9. Mysterious Island (main title) — Bernard Herrmann
10. Other Side of the Flame — Asakawa Maki
11. Moses Theme (Main Titles) — Ennio Morricone
12. Black Root — Rahsaan Roland Kirk
13. Fantasias for the Viols - In Nomine In 7 Parts — Henry Purcell
14. Danville Girl — Dock Boggs
15. Pale Flower (main title) — Takemitsu Toru and Takahashi Yuji
Love Dance — Les Baxter
16. Mumbles — Clark Terry and Oscar Peterson
17. Instrumental Piece — Hildegard von Bingen
18. I'll See You In My Dreams — Jimmy Durante
19. A Rush of Blood — Cleric

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