Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go Buy This: Original Jim Phillips Art

Skateboard and Surf illustrator royalty Jim Phillips is offering up some original artwork from his catalogue to the public. Early Phillips work from the 1970’s until 1990 were rendered in pen and ink, pens dipped in bottles of india ink specifically, usually followed by white ink touch-ups. After 1990 the illustrations were generally done in preparation to coloring on a computer, they were usually inked with brush-pens, and other self inking pens, and were cleaned up on computer after scanning. Many of Phillips "new world" works were done on Bienfang artist's paper which is light and translucent, this enabled inking over the sketch page that leaves the original without pencil or blue line sketch lines on the paper. These artworks should be layered or dry mounted on white mat-board which will display quite well. You can see what’s up for grabs HERE including Deck Graphics from Jason Jesse, Screaming Hand Variations, iconic sticker imagery and more.

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