Thursday, July 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday's: Azealia Banks - "Seventeen" & "Slowhands" (Interpol Cover)

Next Wednesday Azealia Banks will be dropping her much anticipated mixtape, Fantasea, and while I do prefer the Harlem rappers new sound over her old, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tracks from yesteryear worth revisiting to remind ourselves where it all began. For this week’s Throwback Thursday I thought why not throw up two of Azealia’s most defining moments prior to the release of her 1991 ep. We start off with "Seventeen", a track produced by Diplo which sampled the well known Ladytron song of the same name,  and was released in 2009 prior to her XL Recordings deal. Following her departure from XL in 2011 , Banks left behind her original alias, Miss Bank$,  and formally became Azealia Banks, and like many artists today used Youtube as a resource to get her name out there. Going in a totally different direction Banks uploaded several demo tracks - including a cover of "Slow Hands" by Interpol which definitely caught a lot of people’s attention at the time.

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