Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: Midnight Juggernauts – “Баллада Военной Машины Кли“

Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts recently posted some new material via a very clever and creative video on Youtube. The band leaked different versions over the last couple of weeks, but the videos were untitled with no association to the band, apparently the title translates to “Ballad Of The war Car Clip” or "The Ballad of the Military Machine Clip" according to a Russian co-worker of mine.

The guys released this statement on the whole affair…

“For some reason we liked the idea of being an anonymous soviet art-pop band from decades ago, so we shot a video with this premise on the streets of Russia. then we made it look like the clip was presented within an old Russian music program from 30 years ago.”

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  1. Nice dude. Something about this trio of guys filming a retro video in a setting of an era long gone reminds me of the Beastie Boys, like "Sabotage."