Thursday, March 7, 2013

Video: Beach House - "Wishes"

Beach House released another video from their most recent effort 2012’s  Bloom.  The new visuals for “Wishes” are note worthy as they come courtesy of Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric fame or if you grew up like me, more importantly of Ink & Dagger fame. The video also stars Twin Peaks favorite Ray Wise and features football, fireworks, and horses.  Eric said of the project; “This is the first project that I’ve ever collaborated creatively with the band. Victoria’s imagery inspired me to create this special half time show. It also helps that Beach House is literally on my top 5 list of bands, ever.”

So there you have it, truth be told nothing as of yet tops the video he worked on for HEALTH’s “Water” but this is still a good video in its own right.

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