Thursday, March 14, 2013

54 Album Cover Parodies

Ahh LP art, is there anything more glorious and relatable when you are a music fan, from the t-shirts that reproduce those iconic covers and are worn by fans of all ages to the posters hanging in record stores and bedroom walls, LP art is often as iconic as the band and music it represents. Some of the more recognizable graphics have been paid tribute to or spoofed many times over, especially when talking about a band like the Beatles. Some are a little harder to recognize as their spotlight has faded into obscurity but you can bet the record collector usually knows what’s being referenced and today we pay tribute to a handful that have made us smile over the years from a multitude of genera’s and artists. More importantly perhaps is the reminder that while the mp3 maybe convenient, a full package and physical item has its own merits and that memorable cover art is sadly being lost as a result. 

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