Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch: Kurt Vile - 'Wakin On A Pretty Day'

Philly native and droney songster Kurt Vile is following up his previous successful release Smoke Ring for my Halo with a new album this year, Wakin On a Pretty Daze (Matador Records).  The first track from the album sporting a similar title, "Waking on a Pretty Day" is out and Matador recently released a video that follows the painting of the sign used for the album cover by street artist and fellow Philadelphian ESPO (Steve Powers).  The album comes out April 9th...

Matador Records also recently released a mini-documentary that follows ESPO as he chats about Philly, his influences and his process for creating the mural.

BONUS - Live version of "Wakin on a Pretty Day" (Live on Radio K)

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