Sunday, July 21, 2013

Video: “The Revenge of the Beasts”

You know those sports commercial’s that shoot everything so it’s in slow motion and all epic looking once edited? Well “The Revenge of the Beasts” is a five-minute skate film that is composed entirely of such breathtaking moments. Using hypnotic slow-motion footage, Sebastian Linda has created a film that he says tries to bring back the fantasy of skateboarding. Using high-end cameras and unconventional methods of shooting, like eliminating tripods and dollies in favor of a skateboard, a car and natural body movement, the results are top notch and complemented perfectly by Woodkid’s score.

In the making of video below Sebastian shares the though process and vision behind the film as well as some anecdotes about the colored powder and long brutal days of trying to get a trick captured on film under perfect lighting conditions.

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