Thursday, July 18, 2013

Video: Inara George - "No one Knows" (QOTSA Cover)

I usually find this type of releases gimmicky by nature, take a popular rock song and essentially turn it into some easy listening experience where fans of the original can wink and nod at each other in some sort of irony based approval; but uncovered project seems to be a little more sincere in its execution and even features some Onomatopoeia favorites. Producer Olivier Libaux’s (Nouvelle Vague) concept behind the record is to take choice tracks from across Queens Of the Stone Age‘s discography and turn them into female vocal-driven bossanova renditions. Take a look at the video for "No One Knows", as sang by Inara George to get a taste as well as an album preview and if you like what you hear you can order the limited edition lP which features Alela Diane, Rosmary Standley, Katherine Whalen, Youn Sun Nah and many more HERE.

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