Monday, July 1, 2013

Onomatopoeia Exclusive Download: Perestroika - "Reach For The Coffee"

It’s been a moment since Chambaland and I released any new mashups under code-name Perestroika so we recently got together at one of our secret bases and decided to put our heads together to come up with some new combinations for y’all. Since its Uncle Sam’s birthday here in the U.S. we figured why not share them throughout the week in celebration of July 4th this Thursday.

But wait! 

You thought we forgot about Canada Day didn't you? Don't be silly, we would never forget our friends to the north today as they too celebrate so we decided to lead things off with “Reach For The Coffee” combining rhymsmith Aesop Rock with the recently resurfaced Boards of CANADA. Give it a spin below, download it, share it with friends and family and don't be afraid to let us know what you think.

Perestroika - “Reach For The Coffee” 3:37
Aesop Rock - "Coffee" Vs. Boards Of Canada - "Reach For The Dead"
Perestroika is Jediak & Chambaland
Recorded June 28, 2012 in LIC, NY
136.01 BPM Key D#m
Design by Jediak

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