Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: The Scarecrow (Fiona Apple’s cover of “Pure Imagination”)

Chiptole recently recruited a handful of musicians to record covers for their new promotional campaign with Fiona Apple being the latest.  Taking on the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory classic “Pure Imagination” we are left with something pretty special and dark, oh and the animated video ain’t half bad either…

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  1. huh. pretty cool. lots of thoughts/critiques, more about the message than the song.

    for me, the message about "anything you want to, do it" is encapsulated in the moment the scarecrow opens up his taco stand, but i have trouble with liberation of that variety being a chipotle-branded concept. an "ideal" world is much less convenient, more complicated/complex, and messy. [side note, and not to proselytize, but part of taking Buddhist vows about experiencing the intimacy of things and not defiling the world around us... and by extension the meal chant, which opens with "first, seventy-two laborers brought us this food; we should know how it comes to us..." challenges the vow taker to not default on ignorance when being given the offering of a meal, but to delve into what went into that food being available).

    combining iPad gaming into the equation further complicates reliability on human vs. biological systems. which is not to say farming is a cakewalk (look how many people have walked away from it in the last 100 years, and that will give you a sense of its popularity). and its also not to say that i don't like chipotle, or what they're doing.

    the message is (hopefully) taking "us" to a place where we can ask increasingly complicated and difficult questions, of ourselves as well as of "the system".