Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids art show... Gallery1988

Wow, I just heard about this one. Gallery1988 in Melrose is throwing a Garbage Pail Kids tribute show on Sept. 2 including over 100 artists interpretations of their own nasty kiddies. Word is the show is co-sponsored by original GPK creators, Topps cards, and there is a possibility that works at the show may make their way into a new series of cards. The incredibly shitty 1987 "Garbage Pail Kids will be shown at the event.

I ate through a ton of nasty, rock-hard, bright pink "gum" trying to find the EVIL EDDIE card. and would distribute them to friends in the bathroom in 2nd grade as they were banned in my school. John Pound's art was amazing and his productivity even more so (close to 600 different cards).

Looks like there are a number of gigposter artists represented at this show (Rhys Cooper, Budai, Little Friends, Two Arms Inc, Delicious Design, etc..). Will keep on top of this one and will post info and images as they come up....

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