Friday, August 26, 2011

Listen: SCV Podcasts Vol 86 - Gravity Records

Gravity Records is one of my all time favorite labels so it’s with great pleasure that they just released a SCV Podcast. Compiled by Matt Anderson, track order by Sonny Kay, mixed by Erik Otis

Gravity Records owner Matt Anderson is responsible for creating the machine that would launch out wave after wave of independent experimental, indie, punk, noise and hardcore music in the 1990′s and onward. Based out of San Diego, Gravity Records was one label that kept the energy and life of experimental deviations in rock music alive from the 90′s and on. We contacted Gravity Records owner Matt Anderson to explore his favorite releases over the years and this is the collection of material he sent us. With no track order in mind, we contacted Sonny Kay of one of the bands who is on this comp, Angel Hair, about what order he thought would be best for this podcast. The answer was simple, chronological order of the music as it was released. Gravity Records presented some of the most honest and raw music of the 90′s. A label full of emotional, passionately dedicated and intense bands all with their own unique sound. Enjoy this mix from Matt Anderson of Gravity Records and everyone at Sound Colour Vibration. A very special thanks goes out to Matt Anderson and Sonny Kay for their time. – Erik Otis

Track Listing:
  1. Heroin – In General
  2. Antioch Arrow – Space Age
  3. Clikatat Ikatowi – Affirmation
  4. U.O.A. – Painfully Obvious (live)
  5. Angel Hair – Land Ov Enchantment
  6. M.I.T.B. – Puppy Mill
  7. 3MP – On A Ship To Bangladesh
  8. D.C.0. – Observation Of The Perpetual
  9. Monorchid – Destroy This Converter
  10. Crom-Tech - Ex-Prestu Plod
  11. B.H.P. – Outside The Glass
  12. The Rapture – Olio
  13. Tristeza – Glimpse Exposure
  14. Spacehorse – Burn You Kerosene
  15. S.O.T. – Glass Sun
  16. Bastard Noise – Ryobi Party
  17. Crime Desire – Carrion
  18. Amenity – Screaming in the Mirror

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