Friday, August 12, 2011

KAWS Painting Stolen From Marc Ecko Gallery

Standing calmly in a gallery lift this man looks like any other art lover, only the souvenir he has under his arm is a stolen $100,000 painting.
The thief removed artwork 'Untitled (Calvin Klein)' from a wall on the second floor of the Marc Ecko art gallery, New York at 6pm last night.
Surveillance cameras captured the man as he pilfered a classic ad disruption piece by Brooklyn-based artist KAWS which features acrylic over an ad poster for Calvin Klein jeans.
He then simply rolled up the artwork, put it into a tube and walked out of the building
A police spokesman said: 'The thief is around 5ft 11in and was wearing a dark green hoodie, blue jeans, a tan baseball hat, sunglasses and running shoes.'

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