Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WK Interact brings his Unique Designs to RIDE Graphics

There are artists I like and there are artists I love, WK Interact is without question an artist whose work I love and is debatably one of my favorite Street Artist of all time if not my absolute favorite. The NY based Frenchman has teamed up with Ride  to create a line of Snowboard gear Showcasing his unique art style that encompasses skewed photocopies and human motion. The collection includes 15K Newport Jacket which offers Strata HD IITM waterproofing to keep your body dry, the Slim Fit Westlake Pant or Classic Fit Belltown Pant featuring the same 15K protection and functional Rider Active features and  the 11-12 DH2 snowboard. Featuring the park-friendly Hybrid Twin shape with a micro camber platform underfoot for stability and slight rocker in the tip and tail for spinning agility, lightweight Membrain® top sheet, and a boost of ollie- pop provided by Pop Rods® 2.0.

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