Friday, April 20, 2012

Video:First Look at “Obey The Giant”(A Narrative Drama about Shepard Fairey)

Here's a Kickstarter campaign that made me do a double take. “Obey the Giant,” is a 25-minute, lightly fictionalized film by RISD student Julian Marshall that acts as an origin story for the artist known worldwide for his Obey campaign. The project has the street art great's official seal of approval as well, Shepard gave Julian the rights to make a dramatic film on the beginnings of the whole OBEY GIANT phenomenon.  The film is at a state where Kickstarter is being used to generate the remaining funds needed to complete the film.  To learn more about the project and contribute to its funding, click HERE which includes some rewards for donations from a DVD edition of the film to signed Shepard Fairey works (donated by the artist himself) and pieces of the set, including the fake Cianci billboard. Watch the video below to get preview of the project.

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