Saturday, April 21, 2012

Video: Jeff Soto "Sonic" graffiti robot car

We aren't really ones here at Onomatopoeia to push products but if we come across an interesting ad that is well done, we'll throw it up there. The folks at Chevrolet have been working overtime to make their new Chevy Sonic appear cool with the kids in their latest ads by having it skydive from a plane, "kick flip" off a ramp, etc... etc. In their latest ad they employed the talents of artist Jeff Soto, to team up with Sonic - the Graf-writing-Robot-car to paint a mural.

 The car is fitted with robotic arms, the same from the assembly line factory, and are used to help paint a mural. I'm sure the robots precision is slightly overstated in this video, w/ Soto picking up all the slack on the mural but the video is well made and interesting none the less.

Film by Drea Cooper

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